We believe every brand has a story to tell

– Here's ours.


Design and marketing services for adventurous creatives alike. 

Although The Woven is run like a boutique agency, it's a solo venture. Created by an adventure seeking multidisciplinary creative, Chelsie Mew, looking for a career that's anything but normal. 


Where It All Began

Truth is, the world wasn't going to offer me what I wanted in a career. 

I usually write 'copywriter' on my passenger card at the airport, but that's not quite the truth. Sure I specialise in writing for the web, but I'm also qualified in marketing and have a knack for simple, purposeful design. If that's not enough, in my spare time I like to create videos.

As you can imagine with all these skills and passions, every job I had, I felt boxed in. I was only allowed to specialise in one thing. I was given work I had no passion for. I was expected to sit at a desk for more than 8 hours a day, despite it being an incredibly uncreative environment. I felt like I couldn't breathe, let alone create inspiring work.

This couldn't be my career. I wouldn't let it. 

I mean, ever since I can remember, I wanted to be a career woman! I didn't dream of being a wife or mum – not that those things are bad, they just didn't call to me. 

I started freelancing as a way to escape a crappy job. It was my partner's idea and to this day, I'm so grateful he suggested it. Before I knew it, I found a deep love for working for myself, inspired to build something of my own. And so The Woven was born.

So, that's me. I like to do things my own way. I like to question the norm and simply create amazing work for equally amazing brands. 


What I Do (And Why I Do It)

The Woven is a creative agency that celebrates the idea of going against the grain and creating a life that has you jumping out of bed in the morning. That's what The Woven is for me, and that's what my client's brands are for them.

I'm passionate about thoughtful design and purposeful words. I like to call myself a storyteller, because in its most basic form, that's what I do. I offer a breadth of design and marketing services that each compliment – and wouldn't exist without – the other. The Woven keeps it real, no fake promises and selling tactics, just simple honest stories that really mean something. 

I believe every brand has a story to tell, including my own. So it's only natural that The Woven offers more than just a service. Instead, it's a digital platform that encourages you to get out there and shake things up a little – to create a life you love. Because if there's one thing we deserve, it's that. 


Step into my world

It's nice knowing who's behind the words on the screen. You can follow the journey on the blog, where I share all I know about running a creative business, and take you with me as I travel the globe. 

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I can can help if you:

+ have a kickass idea but don't know where to even begin to get it off the ground

+ need help determining who your brand is

+ need an expert to help establish your branding, website, social media, newsletter or write the words on your website

+ feel like your social media channels aren't representing your brand the way they should or getting you the results you're after

+ want to build a digital community.


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