I'm a word person. I always have been.

Ever since I can remember, I wanted to be a journalist. As a kid, my fairytale romances weren’t of finding Romeo. Instead, I was running around with a cardboard laptop I had made myself, solving mysteries and writing endless stories.


I’m a ‘go with the flow’ kinda gal. I hate to admit this but I kinda fell into a career of words. Although, I think, deep down, I was always meant to be a writer.

The career stream had me writing for a handful of mediums, from television to editorial work, social media and advertising, to print publications and user experience.


Over the years of working alongside designers, I quickly became intrigued by their world. Avoiding another useless uni debt, I taught myself design with a heck of a lot of determination and learning by doing.

I’ll always be a writer first. But I believe that compliments my love for design. I’m a designer who really understands the importance of content strategy. That, my friend, is my point of difference in this crazy online world.


I’ve spent years balancing freelance and contract work with travelling the world. Travel is a seriously big part of who I am. The itch to explore is deeply ingrained in me.

You can find out more about my travel obsession over on the blog.


To tell you the truth, I’m still trying to figure it out. I have a sneaky suspicion we all are.

After spending years with the intention to travel as much as possible, I’ve found a new sense of comfort in having a home base with a loved one and a ball of fluff to snuggle up to at night. I dream of a tree/sea change where I can live off the land, surrounded by animals and the smell of the ocean in the air. But that’s a work in progress.

Chelsie Mew

The speed date version:

Likes: starting my morning with a strong black coffee, the sound of rain, the smell of the ocean, sunrises, sunsets, thunderstorms, lush gardens, fresh sheets.

Coffee order: It usually goes like this, "do you have a batch brew going?... no? I'll have a long black then".

Guilty pleasure: Romantic comedies.

Currently reading: Hippie by Paulo Coelho

Best advice I've ever been given: You can achieve anything as long as you work really freaking hard at it. 

Favourite bucket list moments:

  • Hiking the Himalayas

  • Skiing in Canada's velvety powder

  • Karaoke in Japan with my best girlfriends

  • Drinking beer straight from the barrel in Brussels

  • Breaking into an abandoned theme park in Berlin

Read more about my adventures on the blog.