The Woven


The Woven is a modern day creative studio that specialises in thoughtful design that’s bound by content strategy.

This means we’re not just visual people, we’re word people too – and very proud of it.

We help businesses uncover their brand narrative and tell it in a way that captivates and attracts the right audience. Our aim is to inform concisely and clearly, while telling a story with passion and personality. We achieve this through thoughtful design and copy that’s deeply rooted by brand values, purpose and aspirations.

So if you’re looking to step it up and stand out, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s give your brand life.

About — The Woven | Design and copy studio


Simplicity. Integrity. Curiosity. Creativity. Passion. Empathy. Hunger.

About — The Woven | Design and copy studio


I usually put ‘writer’ on my passenger card at the airport but that’s not the whole truth—I’m a designer too.

I’m an adventure-seeking multidisciplinary creative passionate about people doing what they love.

I started my career writing for a handful of mediums, from television to editorial work, social media and advertising, to entire website re-writes, scripts and print publications. I've found my groove in creating results-driven copy that informs, while also telling a story. My approach incorporates SEO, user experience (UX) and web accessibility.

Over the years working alongside designers, I quickly became intrigued by their world. Avoiding another uni debt, I absorbed every online tutorial I could get my hands on and taught myself design with a heck of a lot of determination and practice.

I’ll always be a writer first. My love for words compliments my passion for purposeful design. It’s my difference—I’m designer who understands and respects the importance of content strategy.

Outside of work, you’ll find me playing around in the kitchen, creating playlists and dancing, attempting to grow an urban garden from seeds, or dreaming up my next adventure exploring this crazy-cool world we call home. And writing of course, always writing.

— Chelsie