the woven.

Design that takes you places

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A website is like a brand’s home. It says a lot about you. And like a home, there are certain designs that function better than others.

Here at The Woven, we get into the mind of your brand to surface its soul. We tap into the audience to find a way to best speak and service them, digitally. Then, we get creative (our favourite part). We create compelling copy that speaks true to your brand, to tell your story and why your audience should care. We create simple, purposeful designs that work seamlessly with the words and the story.

We create more than a website. We create a home-base for your brand – a space that can take you places.




Why we do what we do

Life's too short to do things we don't enjoy. For us, that's sitting under florescent lighting five days a week in the middle of the CBD. Instead, we're listening to our gut and creating a life full of the good stuff. And we want you to do that too. 

Hustling is in our blood. 

Hustle. We stick to deadlines, promises and strategy. And whatever we do, we get the job done. 

At the end of the day, we just want to create amazing work. The kind of work we're really proud of. But to have complete creative freedom, you need to be your own boss, and source the work that'll 

Chelsie Mew

"I like to call myself a storyteller, because in its most basic form, that’s what I do."

Meet Chelsie Mew

Owner, creative director and everything else in-between that makes this business function.

~ Collector of plants, adventures and passport stamps. I'm passionate about simple design, and words with a story to tell. I like my coffee black, my tv shows binged and my indoors jungle-like. Constantly inspired by the world around us, I'm addicted to travelling this crazy cool globe we call home. Follow along on the blog.

This is My Story...

Remember when you’re a kid, and adults would ask what you want to be when you grow up? I never really had a passionate answer. All throughout my teenage years, I just ignored the idea of choosing a career. I thought, it would just happen naturally.

Despite not knowing what career I wanted, I knew I wanted one. I knew I wanted to identify as a career women, not a mum or a wife. Not that those things are bad, but because I guess, I wanted more than what was expected of me – or maybe, more than my mum had.

I've always been the kind of person who just goes with the flow. And then suddenly, closer to 30 than 20, I found myself with a degree I didn’t really want, and a job title I cared nothing about. I knew things had to change. I needed to take control of my career, and do something I actually gave a shit about.

I’ve been freelancing and contracting for four years now, saying 'yes' to anything that came my way. I've spent time in television, digital marketing and communications, and advertising in varying roles. And all this moving around, actually worked. I started figuring it out.

I’d always known I wanted to be a writer, but how that fit in, I had no idea. It took me a while to realise, that designing websites and writing the copy alongside it, was a beautiful mix of my passions. And so, I launched The Woven.

So I guess, life doesn’t have to be linear. Some of us are better off not following the herd, and instead, doing it for ourselves. Some of us need to get our hands dirty to be able to figure it all out. And y'know what, that's totally ok. 

– Chels