2015 Instagram Round-Up


For me, this time of year is all about taking a moment to appreciate the year that just passed, and recognising what I want to achieve in the year following. I've come to realise how much I've grown this year. Although I haven't grown financially, nor has my business – in fact, I'm basically in a worse position than I was this time last year – I can really see how far my work has grown. Particularly my photography and editing skills. This is why I was inspired to look back on my Instagram feed, for my 2015 Instagram round-up. Here we go.


A peek at the almighty Skógafoss. 🙌🏻

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9. Skogafoss, Iceland

This is a recent one, but it's really quite fitting that it begins the countdown here. Iceland was an incredible trip for me, and I learned quite a lot about my photography visual aesthetic. I learned how to shoot running water, with many failed attempts, and many successes. This was actually a failed attempt, but I really love the composition of this photo – and it looks like, you guys do too!


It snowed like crazy when we were in Tassie. I was stoked!

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8. The Huon Valley, Tasmania

If you read my blog regularly, you'll know that I.LOVE.SNOW! Josh and I were lucky enough to visit Tasmania on the day that it snowed at sea level – which is incredible uncommon for Tasmania, let alone Australia. This resulted in some road-blocks in our travel plans, but they were spectacular. This, was one of them.


7. Footscray Market, Victoria

Sunrise over the Melbourne city skyline as seen from the west. I have a deep connection with the western suburbs of Melbourne. And as I grow, they grow with me. We've gone through our youth of not knowing who we're supposed to be, to our angsty teen stage, to now much more sophisticated young adulthood. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us, west.


6. Gibson Steps, Victoria

Another day, another sunset. This is how I started my year, exploring what seems to have always been a part of my childhood, The Great Ocean Road. It's amazing what you begin to appreciate as you get older.


It's stinking hot today, take me back to the ocean!

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5. The Twelve Apostles, Victoria

Although there are no longer 12 Apostles (R.I.P), these large stacks of limestone sitting in the rough ocean are just so damn iconic.


The edge of Australia.

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4. Cockle Creek, Tasmania

For Josh's birthday we made our way to Tasmania to check out the most southern point of Australia. Although it wasn't snowing on the day we decided to hike the Cockle Creek track, it was raining. We gave it a shot, but after an hour of walking in pretty thick mud through the rainforest the rain grew stronger and forced us to turned back. We sat on the beach in the rain and ate minestrone soup.


Damn son! Soft white sand, check. Warm yet refreshing water temp, check. 30 degree day, check. #bliss

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3. Cottesloe, Perth

Not only was it was my very first business trip, but it was also my very first time on the west coast of Australia. So naturally, I had to try out the water. It was better than I had expected – warm, deep, crystal clear.


Still can't believe I walked the Great Wall! 🙌

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2. The Great Wall, China

Pretty deserving. The Great Wall was a truly extraordinary experience. I still pinch myself. My favourite part of this memory, is the fact that we hiked The Great Wall of China, in Ugg boots. As two Australian's in China, it was fitting really.


1. Skincare flatlay

This is actually really surprises me. Flatlay's aren't usually my highest 'liked' images, and yet, this image wins my most popular image on Instagram in 2015– and I'm stumped as to why.


Well, that was a bit of an anti-climax. Who are your favourite photographers on Instagram at the moment? Share with me!