Where to next: Nepal



Images via Pinterest.

I've had this post in the works for a while now. Y'see, I had planned to explore Nepal and northern India later in the year, and since Saturday afternoons shocking earthquake, I'm completely heartbroken.

After doing my fair share of research – a general itinerary, a Himalayan hike, food to try – I can't help but feel somewhat connected to this beautiful country without having ever touched its ground. And let me tell you, when I have my heart set on something, I can't think of anything but.

Although sustainable travel can really aid countries, I can't even fathom how heartbreaking the scene is there at the moment. And so, my desire to travel to Nepal will have to wait a few more years, before I'm ready to see the full effects of this quake first hand. During this time, I urge you all to help some way or another, whatever that may be for you.

Donate to the Australian Red Cross Nepal Region Earthquake Appeal here.