Californian Redwoods Forest, Victoria


Although Victoria is comparatively a small state, you’d be surprised how much there is to explore!

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’d know that Josh and I like to get out of Melbourne to visit his family in Lorne, as often as we can. This little costal town has fast become one of my favourite getaways in the world. Although I’m probably a little biased with the beautiful accommodation, the best home cooked vegetarian food I’ve had, lots of animal cuddles, great company and an open fire.

Just outside of Apollo Bay, another beautiful coastal town with fantastic rolling hills and a beautiful beach to match, there sits a Californian Redwood Forest. Once known only to the locals, nowadays fast becoming a tourist hot-spot. Get in quick!

These huge narrow trees reach high above, what feels like, the clouds. The forest is dense, and cool, no matter the harsh weather outside. As the trees sway they sing an eery song that speaks to your soul. The leaves rustle beneath your feet as you walk deeper and deeper into the forest. Following the windy creek, trickling, slowly, softly.Be weary not to get lost, as everything starts to look the same, the deeper you get.


What hidden gems lay a few hours drive from your home town?