The power of positive thinking


"Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change"

The power of positive thinking, for me, was life changing. So much so, I felt I should share my story with you, no matter how intimate.

A few years back now, I found myself in a deep, dark hole of sadness. I had no clue how to remove myself from it, and so I sat there in the hole, waiting for a sign it was safe to come out.

There was never a sign.

One day I took myself to a doctor after convincing myself it was the contraceptive pill that was making me feel this way. After talking to the doctor for a while, he told me I had cognitive behavioural disorder, which in its basic form, means I simply worry too much. This didn't really come as a shock to me, as my Nana's mind works in the same way. He prescribed me medication, warning me it'll make me feel numb, and wrote down a number for a psychologist, suggesting I take that route.

Despite what I had been told, I walked away feeling somewhat relived.

Knowing your weaknesses is the first step to bettering yourself. And that's what I did. In my typical stubborn form, I put the prescription and phone number away, and I gave myself 6 months of positive thinking in attempt to cure myself. If nothing had changed by 6 months, I'd call the psychologist, and go from there.

Guess what, 6 months later, I was feeling a little better. 12 months after that, for the first time in a while, I was happy. It was tough to retrain my brain at first. But after a while, it became second nature. Which is why I urge everyone feeling like they're in a slump to stop waiting for something to happen. You're the only person who can make a change, so what are you waiting for?

Tips to Thinking Positively –

1. When a negative thought pops in your mind, rebut it with a positive one. This could be something you're grateful for, something that makes you smile, or something that you're proud of.

2. Whenever you find yourself walking down the street alone, take a moment to breath and remember how lucky you are.

3. If you're unhappy in your job, change it. Quit, go job seeking, plan ahead. Rejection is just a part of life, use each failure to better yourself next time around. Hell, even ask why you weren't successful! What have you got to lose?

4. Be happy for others, and show that excitement for them. I'm surprised these days how few people actually openly show their excitement for others achievements, and I think that's just so boring. Common people, let's be exciting for one another.

5. Practice yoga. I've only recently got into yoga, but it helps immensely, especially for someone who doesn't exercise. For those of you full of excuses why you can't, go buy yourself a yoga mat (try Kmart or eBay) and subscribe to Yoga With Adriene.

6. Make goals, and work towards them. Want to move to Paris? Want to buy a house? Want to start a blog? Start researching, start saving, start doing. Be proactive.


Now to you, what are your best tips for positive thinking?