5 Smart Money Saving Tips


Whatever your situation is – whether you're a student, a professional, a mother, or a retiree – saving enough money to travel is possible! It may seem out of reach now, but all you have to do is sacrifice a few things in your day-to-day life. Saving money has always come easy to me. Ever since my first job at a burger shop, getting paid a whopping $15 an hour as a 15 year old student – what can I say, Australia has pretty generous wages. When travel became a priority in my adult life, I managed to save money without even thinking about it. Every time I was paid, I would transfer a lump sum into my savings account, and live within my means. Yes, there are weeks or months where I've lived very poorly. But it's worth it in the end! So far, I've managed to get myself across the world on multiple occasions, while paying rent and bills, even as a poor student. So I can safely say, my money saving skills are pretty successful.

Whether saving money comes natural to you or not, here are five tips to save those dollars to spend on whatever makes your heart sing!

1. First of all, only use cash! Take $100 out of the bank every week (doesn't matter if you get paid weekly, fortnightly, or monthly!), and use that as your budget. Without digital money, you'll be more aware of what you're spending.

2. Make your own lunches.

3. Limit yourself to 1 or 2 meals out a week. This means you have to be very organised with catching up with friends. Use your calendar, and use it well.

4. Put $50 every week into a jar for an entire year, or longer. Coax your partner to do the same!

5. Open a separate savings account outside of your usual banking. Hell, chose a separate bank all together! As soon as you're payed, put a lump sum into that account, every.single.time. Trust me, you'll learn to live within your means.

One thing I have to say, because so many of my friends do it, is... There's absolutely no reason why you should indulge in buying lunch every single day of the week. Buy a cookbook – I recommend starting with this one, good for both vegetarians or meat eaters – and enjoy your time in the kitchen. Just think of the 'ohhs' and 'ahhs' at work the next day – 'yes I made this at home'.


Share with me! Does saving money come natural to you? Or have you had to alter the way you spend in order to save?