6 essential items for travelling

6 essential items for travelling
6 essential items for travelling

Backpacking is dirty business! Let's face it, the only reason we stay in hostels is due to the cost per night. Travelling on a shoestring means we don't prioritise our sleep, and instead, find anywhere safe where we can lock up our things, and attempt to get rest.

I've stay in some amazing hostels, I've also stayed in some pretty horrible ones too. I'll admit, I'll spend an extra couple of dollars a night for a better more reliable rating and review. But at the end of the day, hostels aren't the nicest place to rest your tired little head.

To make life easier, here are 6 essential items every backpacker needs when staying in hostels!

6 Essential Items for Travelling

1. Microfiber towel: Most hostels offer towel hire, but that's just an additional price you could probably use to buy dinner each night. Which is why you need a microfiber towel! These babies are light, compact, and dry super quickly!

2. Pegless clothes line: Sounds strange doesn't it? But this little contraption saves you time and money allowing you to wash your undies and socks in your hostel bathroom sink! Genius right? Remember to bring some powdered detergent in a zip lock bag.

3. Ear plugs: If you're travelling on a shoestring, sleeping on overnight sleepers and hostel dorms, these will save your soul from creepy out and bailing on your tired sore body. I've found, 1 in every 3 travellers is a snorer, tooth grinder, or devil child in their sleep. Save your sanity, pack some ear plugs, and get a decent night sleep.

4. Locks: As fun loving as those Aussie guys you're sharing a dorm room with seem, you never know! Lock your bag in is the lockers provided in your hostel room, lock your bag when it's on your back, whatever you do, just lock it up! As horrible as it sounds, people are not to be trusted, people steal! And locking your bag/locker is an easy way to prevent theft. #suchanoptimist

5. Sleeping pills: You may not use these, but they're so good to have when you do need them! Again, I'm taking about that guy turned devil child when asleep next to your bunk. Or the overnight 18 hour train ride that feels more like you're in a bottle of pancake mix in a toddlers hand. The more sleep you get, the better the day ahead is – or is that just me?

6. Power board: It's not new news, we live in an electronic day. We have iPhones, iPods, kindles, cameras and the occasional laptop that all need charging, at the same time. How the the world do you charge all of these items with one port to your hostel bed – with a power board! Hallelujah.

Have I missed any essential items for travelling on a shoestring? Share with me in the comments below!