Weekender: A day in Paris

There's something about those particularly chilly winter days that take me right back to my time in Europe! The layers upon layers in attempt to keep warm, seeing your hot breathe in the air, the calm in the streets from hibernating communities, and the smell of open fire places funnelling out of chimney-tops. In fact, I wouldn't have Europe any other way!

These memories are making me crave an escape! Which got me thinking. I think today, we pack our bags, slip into our favourite stripped outfit, close our eyes, and imagine a day in Paris. Because we all deserve a day, at the very least!

So, please place your tray tables in the upright position, get your set belt fastened, and your movie playlist organised – we're spending a day in Paris!

Arrange it in any way you want, but here's my to-do list for a day in Paris!


Boulangerie (bakery) – Start the day with deliciously warm baked goods!! There's no way you can purchase a bad croissant in Paris! A tip to find the best boulangerie is to look out for one that is full of locals in the morning. Location: Everywhere baby!

Espresso – If you're scoffing in your head thinking 'psh, common Chalsie, I'll have a latté thank you very much!', then I've got two words for you – it's Paris. Do as Nike says, and just do it. You'll be surprised. It's assumed in Paris, if you take a seat outside of the café you leave your money on the table as you leave. It's easier, and usually it's only a couple of euro. Location: All 'round. Just look out for a crowd.

Crêpe – They're everywhere, but they're great! So eat as many crêpes as you can stomach, you're in Paris. Location: Anywhere there's a tourist attraction.

Ladurée – If you have no idea what this crazy French word is, then you should probably just go back and hide under that rock you've been living under for the past 5 years. Macaroons. like. you've. never. tasted. before! Amazing, delicious, fluffy, omg, macaroons. Location: 21 Rue Bonaparte

Le Bar du Marché – This café will transport you to a different time. You'll be scanning the faces in the room for Hemingway (or is that just me?). Order a chocolat chaud (hot chocolate) and remember every single sip! Location: 75 Rue de Seine

Marais – Paris’ famous Jewish Quarter, perfect for a delicious felafel wrap! Location: Rue des Rosiers

But what about dinner? – Whenever you see either a friendly local happy to tolerate a conversation, or a non-touristy tourist (?), ask them where they recommend you eat for dinner. You never know where you'll end up! Best meal of your life? Dark dingy alley... Either way, it's a story!


Du Musée du Louvre – Once a palace fit for the King of France, now one of the most extravagant art museums in the world! You need a day set aside for this one, there's so much to see inside! So, if you're really spending a day in Paris, the exterior can be equally enjoyable. Location: 1st arrondissement

Jardin des Tuileries – A wonderful public garden located between le Louvre and Place de la Concorde. Get lost wandering around in a dream. Location: 1st arrondissement

Île de la Cité –One of the two natural islands remaining in the city. Location: 4th arrondissement

Notre-Dame – Speaks for itself really. You may think you've seen it, from the outside, but take a peek inside. It's breathtakingly large and spiritual for even the most anti-religious person. Location: Île de la Cité - 4th arrondissement

Sainte-Chapelle – Because you can't get buy without seeing another church. This is a must if you're a fan of spectacular interior spaces housing one of the most extensive collections of 13th-century stained glass in the world. Location: Île de la Cité - 4th arrondissement

Marais – Paris’ famous Jewish Quarter, but also a historic aristocratic district. As you can imagine, there are some fantastically extravagant buildings to be seen! Location: spans across the 3rd and 4th arrondissements

Place des Vosges – The oldest planned square in Paris and one of the finest in the city! You'll be transported to another time. Take a seat and spend a moment people watching. You might need to put an alarm on, you'll be surprised how quick time will go by sitting in this wonderful quaint square. Location: the dividing-line between the 3rd and 4th arrondissements

Center Pompidou – Paris isn't completely full of wonderfully old architecture – Center Pompidou, or 'boubou' as the locals call it, is a spectacular example of postmodern architecture at its finest. The building itself, and where it's situated in the world, is art. If you're looking for modern art, you've come to the right place. Don't forget to head to the top floor of the building for a beautiful view of the city. Location: 4th arrondissement

Sacré Cœur – Yeah, it's another church, but again, it's absolutely worth it! If not for the architecture, but for the panoramic view of Paris! Located at the summit of Montmartre, it's the highest point of the city, and it's breathtaking. During the cooler months you'll find an array of winter markets scattered around the church, making the air smell like warm mulled wine, and lighting up the streets with fairy lights. There's nothing quite like it. Location: 18th arrondissement

Esplanade du Trocadéro – Perfect for after the sun has set. Bring a bottle of red wine, buy yourself a chocolate crepe, and watch the Tour Eiffel's light show! Location: 16th arrondissement

Château de Versailles – I've thrown this one in for good measure. If keeping to 'A day in Paris', unfortunately, you wouldn't be able to get to Versailles as well as everything else listed. But, if you've seen everything else listed, Versailles would be a fantastic day trip! Location: Place d'Armes, Versailles

Have I missed anything? Where's a must-see place in Paris for you?