An Australian Christmas

My Christmas probably looks different to yours. While your temperatures begin to fall, mine begin to rise. The air is thick and humid, with a hint of salt. The sky is a deep blue, the grass, suddenly yellow. Like you, we gather with family, old friends, loved ones. We celebrate our lives intertwined in this crazy world of ours. We celebrate with the sun shining down, kissing our skin, and wishing us a beautiful year ahead. The sunshine gives us hope, and promise, and brings back memories of laughter and innocence. Who can't be optimistic when the sun is out to play?

Nature calls to us during this time, we can't help but get amongst it all. By the ocean, by the mountains, by the forest or endless horizons.

Christmas day you'll find us outdoors. In our mates backyard with a ball and a cricket bat, food cooking on the barbecue. Escaping the heat in a luscious green garden, sitting together on a picnic rug, grounded. Feeling the freedom that comes from the ocean air, sand everywhere, no worries, no cares. Cold beers are drunk in excess, the perfect way to cool down our hot, sticky bodies. And there’s got to be a pavlova for all – because what’s Christmas, without a pav?

My Christmas probably looks different to yours. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Describe to me your Christmas!