Best Coffee in Oslo, Norway

As a Melbournian, born and bred, I take my coffee very seriously.

Although my natural instinct in life is to doubt my knowledge, good coffee is something my taste buds actually understand. It could be because I've grown up around the very best coffee in the world – and I'm not over exaggerating here! Or it could be the fact my boyfriend is a massive coffee snob, who I joined in scoping all of Melbourne for the very best coffee roaster for his restaurant (uhm, and no, it's not Seven Seeds). Whatever it is, one day, I started hating milk in my coffee, and tasting the difference between good, bad, and mediocre.

Naturally when travelling, good coffee is frustratingly difficult to find. And along with my barista travel bud, we were on a mission when we hit the ground running in Norway.

My list of the very best coffee in Oslo, Norway.

Tim Wendelboe

It all started here. Staying in an AirBnb, our host showed us a few of the best restaurants, bars, and bakeries around, and Tim Wendelboe was one of them. Having realised I had actually read about this coffee house in Kinfolk, I was eager to try! After chatting to the barista, we found out the head roaster is actually a dude from Melbourne – go figure.

Address: Grünersgate 1, 0552 Oslo, Norway
Open hours: Weekdays 8:30am - 6:00pm, Saturday and Sunday 11:00am - 5:00pm

Supreme Roastworks

The owners like to describe this place as 'no fuss - just great coffee', and that's all you really need. Supreme is a super chilled space perfect for a quick espresso hit, or a lounge around with mates.

Address: Thorvald Meyers Gate 18, 0555 Oslo, Norway
Open Hours: Monday to Saturday 7:45am – 5pm, Closed Sunday


Fuglen offers the best of Oslo's roasthouses. You'll find Supreme Roastworks, Tim Wendelboe, Kaffa, and Solberg & Hansen, just take your pick. If that's a little overwhelming, just ask the friendly baristas, they'll be sure to find you the perfect roast. Not only is Fuglen a popular coffee house, but by night it turns into a hip bar, making it the perfect local hotspot.

Address: Universitetsgata 2, 0164 Oslo, Norway
Open Hours: Monday and Tuesday: 7:30am - 7pm, Wednesday: 7:30am - 1am, Friday and Saturday: 7:30am - 3am, Sunday: 11am - 6pm

Java and Mocca

Java was created as a 'third-place', between home and work. A space to relax in-between the responsibilities of life, to socialise or have a moment to yourself. Java offers your tonnes of options to brew your coffee, making you feel as though you were somewhat responsible for the delicious brew you receive. Java has two siblings, its roasthouse sister Kaffa and its more chilled out brother Mocca. Giving you options depending on your coffee vibe.

Java – Address: Ullevålsveien 47, 0171 Oslo, Norway
Open Hours: Monday to Friday: 7am - 6pm, Saturday: 8am - 6pm, Sunday: 9am - 6pm

Mocca – Address: Niels Juels gate 70, 0259 Oslo, Norway
Open Hours: Monday to Friday: 7:30am - 6pm, Saturday: 9am - 6pm, Sunday: 10am - 6pm

Kaffa – Address: Enebakkveien 117, 0680 Oslo, Norway
Open Hours: Monday to Friday: 9am - 4pm, Closed Saturday and Sunday


This cafe was actually founded in 1895! Amazing, huh? Although it wasn't until the 1990s when it was transformed into the light filled cafe you see today. It's said that Stockfleths is the backbone to the Oslo coffee culture, so it's definitely a great place to start for great coffee. Stockfleths is supplied and partly owned by Solberg & Hansen, Norway’s largest specialty coffee roaster. Both of which are all about seasonal and direct coffee trade, which gets a big tick from me!

Address: Prinsens gate 6, 0152 Oslo, Norway
Open Hours: Monday to Friday: 7am - 6pm, Saturday: 10am - 5pm, Closed Sunday

What's your favourite way to get your coffee fix while travelling?


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Best coffee in Oslo, Norway