Boutique: The Basics


Shirt – Everlane // Bikini top and brief – Country Road // knit – Everlane // bag – Everlane // multi stack rings – Country Road // loafer – Everlane // watch – Daniel Wellington // jumpsuit – Country Road // bar necklace – Country Road // circle necklace – Country Road

It's about time I mixed things up a little! All around the world, we're experiencing changes in the season. From hot to snow, rainy to beach weather – no matter where we are, we're feeling the change.

I don't know about you, but my body takes a bit of time to adjust to change. If it's sunny, I'm craving the sound of rain pelting down on my tin roof. If it's stormy, I'm dreaming of days at the beach. I guess, this change in season gives me a bad case of FOMO (fear of missing out).

Over the years, I've taught myself to embrace whatever weather the day has in store for me, and enjoy it like it were never to come around again. If I didn't take on my own advice, I'd probably always be complaining about the weather, and no one likes a complainer!

I used to absolutely loathe the summer! Like seriously, loathe it! I couldn't bare spending a day at the beach, let alone a day in air conditioning. Since moving out of the family home, I haven't found myself in the comfort of air conditioning. I've had to suffer in the heat, and I think this has allowed me to appreciate it a little more. Nowadays, my high school friends hardly know who I am suggesting we lay on the warm sand, soaking in the suns rays.

In the spirit of these changes, I'm sharing my love of basics.

Tell me, how do you take on the challenge of change?