Surviving In-betweener Weather


Midi wool skirt – ASOS | Ribbed knit – ASOS | Oversized watch – Daniel Wellington | Brogues – Country Road | Blouse – Country Road | Sunglasses – Karen Walker | Canvas bag – Makr | Runaway girl necklace – Karen Walker

Have you ever heard of Melbourne's notorious 'four seasons in one day' weather? Well, it's particularly true in spring. I like to consider it, in-betweener weather.

Melbourne sure is the home of in-betweener weather! It could be warm and sunny one minute, and bam, you're hit with torrential rain! It's hard to believe, but there's something about this side of the world.

Having grown up in Melbourne, I'm as used to it as anyone could get. The control freak in me makes sure I never leave the house without a coat, I mostly always have an umbrella in my bag, and my best friend is the weatherman (although he often gets it wrong). This rapid change in weather not only confused my mind and body, but it confuses my wardrobe.

This unpredictability in weather means dressing the part, proves to be quite difficult.

Over the years, I've honed down on the perfect in-betweener weather outfit. You'd think jeans, a t-shirt and a lightweight jacket would work perfectly, but I often feel like a teenager wearing just that. This outfit is my chic, business lady, I got places to be things to do ensemble. The knit, made of wool, will keep me warm in times of arctic wind. With a lightweight sleeveless shirt underneath, just in case the sun comes out to play. The brogues keep my feet dry when the rain pores – don't worry, I've waterproofed them. The rest, just adds to the 'places to be things to do' look.

Tell me, what's your perfect in-betweener outfit?