Breakfast at home

There's nothing quite like waking up on a Saturday morning, well rested, with the entire weekend ahead of you! Until, bam, it's Sunday night, and you're mentally preparing yourself for the emails, to-do lists, and sleep deprivation the work week has planned for you.

This weekend marks the first of two weekends I am a single ladah (not really but I do like to pretend I'm Beyonce from time-to-time). Y'see, my boyfriend has jetsetted over to Japan to go skiing for two weeks, which in my books would be two weeks of hell. You could say I'm not much of a skier. In fact, we went skiing in New Zealand once, and I like to describe it as uncontrollably sliding down the face of a mountain where the only way to stop, or slow down for that matter, is to simply throw yourself to the ground. I'm much better at taking in the view.

Without Josh around, I've found myself sitting on my bed on a Saturday afternoon, teaspoon in one hand and Nutella in the other (well, it's actually 'Nutino' because I'm a cheapo and to be honest with you, this entire post could become a Nutino review, Masterchef style). Yep, it's a crazy world when you've really become accustom to someone else's company.

My plan – to do the things I never get around to doing, like visiting the dentist (ew), scheduling my long overdue eye checkup (bleh), eating a little healthier (ehh), and catching up on this thing I love, writing (yay).