Cats of Istanbul

Istanbul is a wonderful, glorious city, full of absolutely mouth watering food, spectacular monuments, and cats. Yes, you read that right, there are hundreds if not thousands of stray cats wandering the streets of Istanbul. And the beautiful people of Istanbul, adopt a few street cats out of genuine care for the little fur monsters. Not in the traditional sense of adopting – they really just lay food out on the streets, and offer a pillow or box for them to sleep in. But then there’s the restaurants and cafes. Most will adopt three or four street cats, only allowing those particular cats to eat the food and water they lay out for them. They'll even go as far as to have particular seats in their shops for these street cats, no patrons allowed. It’s like a cat cafe, but without the sad realisation that they’re trapped in that cafe forever. It seems really strange from an outsider, but it fast becomes very normal.

During my time in Istanbul I had a cat cling to my table asking  (demanding rather) for food, another jumped onto my lap for a snooze while I was eating, one decided my shoulders looked like a great place to hang around (pun intended), another literally stole my cheesecake (😩), not to mention the numerous pats and purrs.

The cats of Istanbul certainly have their human counterparts wrapped around their little finger, or in this case, paw.

TurkeyChelsie Mew1 Comment