The best way to cure homesickness

The best way to cure homesickness
The best way to cure homesickness

Culture shock can happen to anyone, anywhere, even when you least expect it. Some days you wake in a foreign country, feeling not quite as perky as the day before. Other days you could kill for a hamburger, mums home cooked spaghetti or a simple salad. Even the most seasoned traveller can have an off day, where home feels so out of reach, but all your heart calls for.

These are moments when reaching in your bag to find a block of Cadbury chocolate, or an unopened packet of your favourite sweets, brings a smile to your face, and picks you back up.

Imagine yourself on a train journey, you expected to be at your next destination an hour ago, and yet out the window is untouched land, not a soul in sight. You're packed into this container otherwise known as a train carriage, bumping about, far from sleep. You go to ask your neighbour what time the train arrives at the next stop, only to find they speak not a word of English, nor you their language. You're far too tired for body language, and slump in your seat wondering when this nightmare will be over.

These are the moments you'll be thanking me, for having a packet of your favourite sweets, hiding at the bottom of your bag. Not only do they give you that extra perk you so desperately need, they get the conversation started with you and your fellow passengers. You share yours, they share theirs, the rest is history!

It's genius really! And a genius idea my boyfriend shared with me. Turns out he's been doing this for years! Something his parents had taught him – every international trip they embarked on as a family, they always had enough tea and sweets to go around.

So, on my journey to China next week, I'll be trying this little tip out!

Do you have any sneaky tips to cure homesickness right away? Share them with me in the comments!