Your Aussie Music Festival Survival Guide

Festival season survival guide
Festival season survival guide

It's officially summer here in Australia, which means blistering sunshine and the beginning of festival season!

Whether you're a Big Day Out virgin (RIP), or ring in the new year at Falls regularly, you know festivals mean its time to get down and dirty, literally. Lining up for an hour to wizz, sneaking booze in the most interesting of places, and losing your friends more than you lost your parents as a child, are what festivals are made of.

Whatever your taste in festival, there are a few basic tips and tricks that can turn your festival experience into a great one! Here's my festival survival guide.

Festival Season Survival Guide

1. Take money out in advance

There's nothing worse than waiting in an hour long line to take money out, while your stomach screams at you, your head pleads for some hydration and your favourite band plays 'your song'. Take plenty of money out in advance, keep it hidden in a sock, and giggle at those who did otherwise.

2. Water

Seriously people, stay hydrated! It's the one thing that will keep you from ending up in the medical tent missing out on the fun and forcing a (very good) friend to miss out too.

3. Bring something warm

C'mon, how long have we all been living in Australia for? For those of you not from Australia – I promise you, it will get cold at lease once during your festival. Bring a warm woollen jumper, preferably one with tassels and rainbow colours you picked up from Savers.

4. Sunscreen

The Australian sun is damn harsh! And standing around in it all day long means you need plenty of sunscreen. Oh, and for the love of Chet Faker, reapply!

5. Baby wipes

These babies will save you on multiple occasions! You'll be the most popular person around your campsite. AND the cleanest, might I add. Who needs to shower when you have baby wipes?!

6. Learn how to tent

If you're camping, it's probably best not to learn how to build your home for the next few nights on the day of arrival. These things were built like IKEA furniture! Another option would be to stay calm, and find someone who prides themselves on being able to read instructions. Sit back, have a beer, you deserve it.

Got any festival season tips and tricks to share?