Finding your dream job

Finding your dream job
Finding your dream job

Soon I'll be approaching my one year anniversary of quitting my job and starting my freelance career full-time. Although I may not be a millionaire (well, not yet!), I have been able to beat the odds and make myself enough money to live, AND fund a trip overseas. That, in my books, is pretty damn impressive if I do say so myself!

It's rough out there! These days, finding a job in your chosen profession is becoming increasingly difficult. No longer is a degree enough to get you a graduate position, but often employers are looking for a few years experience too! Sadly, it's about who you know, not what you know. So if you're one of those people struggling to find a job in your chosen career, despite your efforts (I hear that!), you're not alone.

I couldn't recommend working for yourself enough! It's a totally rewarding and freeing experience. So, today I'd like to stray from my usual line of content, and discuss finding your dream job. We all deserve at least that in life.

Fact, in Australia there are more people studying journalism than there are jobs within the journalism industry.

Finding your dream job is far harder than it sounds. And let's be honest here, there's probably no such thing. Every job will have down-sides, we've just got to focus on the positives. I never thought my photography hobby would turn into a paid gig, but look at my now mum! No, I kid, my mum never doubted my talents (thanks mum). But honestly, you just never know! As they say, the sky is the limit.

My Story

I graduated with a Bachelor of Media majoring in media and co-majoring in communications. Prior to my three years of university, I had a blast working for one of Australia's biggest television stations as a Production Assistant for the (now cancelled) morning show. At uni, I also wrote for numerous online magazines. I graduated thinking, 'damn girl, you'll get a job in no-time!'. Oh how I was wrong!

It took me eight long months of job hunting! Interview after interview, I was told I was perfect (didn't you know?), before getting that dreaded call explaining I didn't quite make it, someone else had more experience. Insert poo emoji here. I demand to know who these people were and why they were applying for graduate roles when they are obviously not graduates!

Turns out, none graduates are having the same trouble graduates are. There's something happening in the employment arena at the moment, and it's not good. I can just sense there's storm brewing, and one day soon, it's going to burst.

After finally getting a job in a small digital agency, and being emotionally abused for months on end, I quit. I walked out of there with my middle finger in the air and a 'fuck you' to society. I was going freelance, and I was damn excited about it!

Going into my freelance career I was terrified. I wasn't sure this was right for me, and I wasn't crazy interested in digital media. Then one day, it all clicked. I came to realise, I was actually good at marketing (who knew!). These days I work towards my dream job. Each day I find more and more creative ways to reach my end goal, and each day I wake excited to get there. And the best thing is, I have the time, and the opportunities to make it happen.

Working for yourself is the most rewarding experience, I couldn't recommend it more!

So, where to from here? Well...

How Do I Know What My Dream Job Is?

The age-old question! I remember getting quite upset about not knowing exactly what I wanted to do career-wise. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't figure out what I was good at, and that was the scariest thing. That was until I realised how to recognise my talents. Here's a little tip for you, whatever comes naturally to you, or you find 'easy' and second nature, that's what you're good at! Pursue that! And hopefully, this talent of yours is something you love. If not, focus on what you love!

How Do I Make A Business Out Of My Skills and Hobbies?

Now you've figured out what you love, write down every job that includes that skill. For example, I found out writing was what got my gears moving, and I enjoyed photography and visual aesthetics. Social media involves writing, photography, and visuals. Not to mention, social is in high demand at the moment! Seemed only natural! That doesn't mean that's where I'll end up. After a year of doing social, I've dipped my hands into an array of other opportunities – producing, writing, public relations, photography, just to name a few.

Where Do I Begin?

It really depends on your business type, but begin by emailing people. Collate a list of brands you would love to work for, smaller brands that desperately need your help, and email them! This email should show off your skills and personality while standing out from the crowd.

Tip: write these emails like you would to your best friend.

I'm Scared Of Not Making Enough Money To Live!

Fair enough! We've all got our daily expenses. This is something I learned from my boyfriend (my business muse), make sure you have enough clients or projects that if you lost your biggest one, you won't be finically burdened. I also make sure I've always got a few grand in savings to tie me over, just in case! But I've lost clients before, I've not had enough money to pay rent before, and look, I'm still here, loving life as a freelancer! Honestly, the good far outweighs the lack-of-money.

If you've got any burning questions about starting your own business or a freelance career, write a comment or email me! I'd be more than happy to chat business with you. One fantastic thing to do as a freelancer is to surround yourself with other freelancers and business-owners. That's something I'm lacking at this point, so I'd love to make more entrepreneurial friends!