How to Travel More in 2016

Travel, leaving everything you know behind, with nothing but what you can carry on your back and a crinkled map in your pocket. It’s that glorious feeling of adventure our restless hearts crave, but only have the opportunity to do every-so-often. And with that, it feels so out of reach. As though the only option is to quit our jobs and become an ever elusive digital nomad.

Well, it really doesn’t have to be that way! Especially if you follow my steps to a year jam-packed full of weekenders; without even touching your annual leave. Read my tips on how you can travel more in 2016 over at Mister Weekender, where you'll definitely being seeing more of me as Australasia contributor!

Link: ↠ How to travel more in 2016! 

Share with me you tips and tricks to travelling more!