How Travel and Slow Living Go Hand-in-Hand

When I started to really understand the brand I was creating here with Wayfare, I added slow living to the mix of travel content. Not because I needed something to talk about when I wasn't travelling – trust me, I could talk about travel for longer than I'd like to admit – but because I felt for me, one couldn't be discussed without the other. But this idea really took me a while to grasp.

Slow living is such a strong component of the world of Wayfare. There were times where I couldn't find the synchronicity between the two, and others where I thought they were flawless together. But it wasn't until I really started to think about it that I finally had that lightbulb moment.

To me, and to Wayfare, travel is about slowing down. Literally. Taking time away from your day-to-day life takes you out of your comfortable little world, and opens your eyes to a new ideas. Whether these lands are similar or contrasting, you're forced to look upon your life with a completely new set of eyes. Almost like you can have an out of body experience, and watch everything from above, as a fly-on-the-wall.

This, my friends, is slow living in its most basic form. A way of living more considered, more purposefully, more knowingly. And travel helps us see the world as we know it, in a new and exciting way, every single time.

6 Reasons Travel and Slow Living Go Hand-In-Hand

1. Travel forces you to unplug. Getting a chance to recharge from the online and technological world is rare these days, we should really rejoice in these offline moments.

2. Travel opens your eyes to completely different ways of life. This could be literal or figurative – religion, diet, work-life-balance, priorities, the idea of home, and the list goes on.

3. Travel teaches you to live simply. Let's face it, it's not easy living out of a suitcase. But we manage when we have to, and somehow find a peace in it.

4. Travel teaches you to appreciate the little things. I don't know about you, but I love the feeling of my bed and pillow, having a full kitchen to myself, and hugging my boyfriend when I get home from a trip – no matter the length. It's the little things that really make the difference, and it's really nice to appreciate them for what they are.

5. Travel is all about experiencing. We don't really 'experience' in our daily lives like we do when we travel. Travel teaches us to take in those juicy moments of life, and give them the recognition they truly deserve.

6. Travel is a nomadic way of life. And when you look back to where human beings originated, we have always been nomads. It's nice to go get to the basics.

How do you see the connection to travel and slow living working? Do you see a connection? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!