Introducing: Planning a holiday

Planning a holiday
Planning a holiday

You know those moments where you realise what it is you're missing in your life? That one thing that's holding you back from being more excited about what's to come? Well, I realised what that is for me!

Lately I've noticed there's never a perfect time to travel. Like anything in life really. What's been holding me back as of the last three years is that annoying question that makes you feel older and older – money. As I stayed put for longer, I became more reluctant to book a flight and the more unsettled I felt.

I've moved every year since my travel hiatus. As much as I love exploring the world, I also enjoy the comforts of a home, so that's really saying something. Mostly, I felt something missing. That was until recently when I began to think about travel. I started writing about it, and making small jaunts outside of the city a bigger deal. I started thinking like a traveller again, and I found my passion return. What I was missing, was my sense of adventure!

So, here's my introduction to a new series of posts to share how-to plan a holiday. Here we can help each other. I'll share my tips and tricks, you can share yours! Four months from now, I will be fastening my seat belt and ensuring the tray-table is in the upright position.

Where do you think I'm off to? If you get it right I'll add a link to your blog on my sidebar for a month! Ps. Don't be fooled by the map featured in the image. x