July: Monthly Round Up

My month of July

Month’s seem to go by so quickly these days – as though, they now feel as long as weeks once did.

I know this is nothing new, that we all feel it, but sometimes it gets you down. Sometimes it makes you feel like you’ve got no control, like you can’t achieve anything because you’re constantly playing catch-up. And honestly, that’s not the life I want to lead.

I have this strange, vivid memory of a moment in primary school. I must’ve been about 10 or so. It was my first day back at school, after a three months of blissful summer break and it hit me. For the first time in my life, I realised that years come and go. And in this moment, I could grasp the feeling of a year ahead, and suddenly it was gone.

That moment, that feeling, has always stuck with me.

These days, I compare everything to that feeling. Back then, a year felt like forever, and today, it feels like a mere blip in my life. Like it’s so hard to just grab onto, and hold, even just for a moment.

I know we all feel this way. We’ve all said it before, “where has the year gone”, “I can’t believe it’s already [insert month here]”. And it seems to get worse and worse.

So, I’d like to take a moment every month, to look back on what has happened, so I can remember that a month today, is just as long as a month when I was 10 years old. 

My month of July

A Recollection of July

July started out really busy. My freelance work had taken over my life, and I was really struggling to make time for family, friends, my boyfriend and myself. It was tough. But that's freelancing. One minute you’re busy, the next you’re completely jobless.

Fast forward to second week of July and that was me – jobless. I had lost five clients in the space of one week, for reasons I couldn’t control. And I've got to say, I handled it pretty well. Usually, you'd find me sobbing in the corner questioning what I'm doing with my life. Well, there was some questioning of life decisions, but that's a pretty common thing these days. But, after losing these clients, I saw it as an opportunity to move into work that I'm more passionate about – that is, creating content and website design.

The thing is, I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and that when you put something out there into the universe (or whatever you believe in), it generally comes back.

Only a month before I was saying to Josh how I wanted to get out of social media marketing. It’s a really weird, scary place for a freelance career at the moment, and the truth is, it’s not where my passion lies. But, I didn’t want to leave my clients with nothing. And then this happened. Funny how the world works.

Since then I’ve been pushing harder than ever before to get my writing published. And guess what, I just got my first commissioned article.


Josh and I booked flights to Europe for five freaking weeks. I’m really looking forward to travelling more with Josh, exploring more of Scandinavia, and creating more kick-ass travel content for you guys. 

I feel as though, recently, I've really found my voice as a writer. For so many years I feel uncomfortable in my writing. It's like that awkward feeling of being uncomfortable in your own skin. But this year, a major goal of mine has been to write more often, even if it's about nothing, and that's been an incredible learning experience for me. So I guess, if you do feel uncomfortable in your own skin, look in a mirror more often, take selfies, get freaking comfortable.

Lastly, I'm becoming more comfortable with publishing my creative work online and with talking about how much I'm worth – both a huuuuuge step for me personally. 

Lessons Learnt

1. Be careful with what you put out into the universe. It’s a power you can't take lightly. But, when you really want something, talk about it, do the work and it’ll happen. In one way or another, it will happen.

2. Never turn down a job for another job that’s not totally confirmed yet. Be harsher with these recruiters, most of them don't really give a shit about you.

3. Stress is as bad for your body as smoking is.

4. Don’t doubt how well you know old friends, even if things have changed, deep down, they are the same person.

Looking Forward

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved creating video content. I started creating them back when I only had video tape recorder and had to shoot scenes consecutively, one take at a time. I would like to create more video content, videos with a narrative, with emotion – videos that make people feel.

Throughout my adult life, I’ve come to realise I’m really easily stressed. Over July, it became obvious to me what this stress is doing to my body and my mind. And that I need to start learning how to conquer my stress. I need to learn more about meditation, give myself the approval to do nothing, and work less.

My health has really been on my mind a lot recently. Especially after seeing a skin doctor who helped me realise I’m not as healthy as I’d like. I need to drink more water and be more cautious with what I’m putting in my body.

As for travel, I’d like to explore more of my home state of Victoria. I’ve already got a girls camping weekend booked in for August, which I’m really excited to create some video content for. 


Now your turn. Tell me all about your month! It's surprisingly refreshing.