Living the by the Ocean

I've come to realise, whenever I'm by the ocean, I feel a sense of calm.

A month ago, I spent three weeks living by the ocean. 3 hours out from the city. No car. Alone. I put my hand up to house and animal sit for Josh's family while they were in beautiful New Zealand. Aware this was going to be three weeks of complete solitude, I pushed myself not to back out. And, it was a good thing I didn't.

My time in Lorne was as I had expected. Lonely, but in a good way. I had company of a dog, two cats, one rabbit and five cheeky chickens.

Once the sun started to set, I somehow managed to heat myself and the house with an open fire, every night. Life was, well, simple. And it was exactly what I wanted to experience, having grown up in the city. I had people I've never met before call me up to buy me a coffee, because they knew I was alone. I had friends come down for a night, to simply get out of the city. And I had a whole lot of time completely alone. Just me, myself and, the animals.

Although I was nervous on my first day, lonely in my second week, and completely content by the third – I was sad to leave.

The last day in Lorne, it fittingly rained all day. My walk to the bus stop was wet and cold, and yet, I took it slow. I wanted to take it all in one last time. I wanted to breathe in that ocean air, hear the waves crash down onto the shore, taunt the Cockatoos, and laugh back at the Kookaburras.

I was, very much in love with living by the ocean in the country, all by myself. Which makes me feel much better about my future dream of owning some property by the ocean one day – with Josh of course.


Have you spend three weeks completely alone? Would you be able to stomach it?