Looking back to where it all began


Looking back at 2014, I'm pretty happy with what I've achieved. It all started working in a digital agency. I was incredibly unhappy! My bosses treated me (any everyone else) like a slave. They picked, they prodded, they overworked us and expected more, and what's worse is they were emotionally abusive. I've never been treated so bad in my life. I would go home crying every night, feeling not good enough, like it was all my fault. That was, until I realised everyone I worked with felt the same.

That's where I decided to leave as soon as possible. I had two options, apply for any and every job out there, or go freelance. It took three months of working my horribly abusive job during the day, and scouting for potential clients all night. I was absolutely exhausted! My morning walk to the station would be with a knot in my stomach, tears in my eyes, and a heavy heart.

I finally signed my second client, with a third on its way, and I quit! Now, this man was the most horrible person I had ever come across. What's worse, he seemed so sweet to begin with, until he has power over you. I'm sure you could understand how terrified I was to tell him I was leaving. His response was to suck it up, and good-riddens.

On my last day, I remember feeling a wash of relief. I was finally free.

The day I started working for myself was the day I realised how much more there is to life. It put it all into perspective how absolutely horrible that job was. I couldn't recommend working for yourself more!

What I'm really grateful for, is this blog. I didn't realise how much I was missing creating my own content! I don't need to write for someone else, I can write for myself. It's absolute bliss. The Workshop Co. started as a personal blog of sorts. Until I realised I didn't necessarily want to write about my life, but about something I really enjoy. I knew I loved to travel, but hadn't had the guts to book a ticket in a few years. I was in a travel rut. I needed inspiration to allow me to explore the world, and my very own backyard. And it worked! I booked a ticket to China, with very little income might I add.

What has 2014 taught me? That anything is possible if you just set your mind to it!

Tell me, what did you learn in 2014?