Make your own Easter egg recipe


I'm not quite sure how it's April already but I'm just going to go with it... Easter is an odd holiday, don't you think? Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about enjoying an extra long weekend eating chocolate the whole time! I'm just not quite sure why we get two public holidays because of it.

This year with my new found notion of slow living, I got to thinking about making your own Easter eggs. The concept sounds rather difficult. I mean, I'm not going to be slaving over the stove anytime soon, and nothing beats a good Cadbury Easter egg! But one of my clients asked me to create, shoot and blog a recipe using her product Coco Loves Cacao, which is a coconut sugar and raw cacao powdered drink. After a few trials and errors (warning: there is such a thing as too much coconut oil!), I was quite pleased with the end result! A rich chocolate treat with a subtle hit of coconut. Perfection in my books!

What's even more perfect, is that this recipe doesn't include any bad sugars! Healthy? All in moderation... but healthier than anything you'd buy at the supermarket, with the added pride of making it yourself.

So, my fellow readers, I'm sharing this scrumptious recipe with you!


Coconut & Cacao Easter Eggs

Yeilds 8 medium size eggs


2 tablespoons Coconut Oil 2 tablespoons Coconut Sugar * 2 tablespoons raw Cacao powder *


Mix all ingredients into a thick paste, ensuring all the dry ingredients are well combined. Place into moulds firmly, or mould by hand. Freeze eggs for two hours or until hard. Remember to store in the fridge, don't leave out for long periods of time or they'll melt.

* Instead of purchasing both these ingredients, I used 4 tablespoons of The Seventh Duchess Coco Loves Cacao drinking chocolate.


Will you be making your own Easter eggs this year? Why not give this recipe a go! Let me know what you think.