My Absolute Favourite Spot in Paris


Paris is one of those cities that most people dream about, and when they finally get the chance to visit, it exceeds all expectations. It's a city that you can fall in love with over and over again, but you never lose that butterflies in your stomach, first time excitement, feeling. It's a city that even surprises its locals with its jaw-dropping beauty.

But when I think of Paris, I think about my favourite spot and my first time experiencing it.


It started the night before. I was staying with my high school French exchange student, turned very good friend – I like to call her and her family, my French family. Coincidently, my good friends were in Paris at the same time. So naturally, we all went out drinking. We drank, we smoked, we dance, we had a great Parisian night on the town.

That night while considerably inebriated, one of my friends and I made plans to meet at Centre Pompidou in the morning. Looking back at it now, it's really quite incredible we managed to meet up. I mean, this was back in the day when you didn't have very many ways of contacting one another – especially overseas. We didn't have an iPhone and WIFI was limited. So you had to simply make plans and hope it all worked out.

As I was leaving my French dad (who's also a born and bread Parisian) circled his favourite spot in Paris on my paper map. Yeah, it was also the time where you physically relied on a crumpled map in your pocket. Very old school. Very poetic.

After spending half a day at Centre Pompidou, we walked around the Jewish quarter for a felafel lunch. While eating we contemplated what to do and I suggested the circled square on my map.

Place des Vosges. We both had never really heard about it, so we went not really expecting anything.

By the time we walked there, the sun had begun to set.

With a pink hue in the sky and people making their way home, we sat on a bench, in silence until it was completely dark. In this moment, the Parisian romanticism and beauty had taken us by surprise and we were, simply speechless.

There was nothing for us to do, but sit in silence together, and take it all in.

To this day, we both remember this moment very fondly. We always mention it when our busy and vastly different lives manage to bring us together.


Tell me, where's your favourite spot in Paris? Have you been to Place des Vosges?


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