My Biggest Secret Weapon for Travelling on a Budget

There's a strange love between an Australian and Vegemite. Some of you may know this little yellow tub of dark brown goop as bitter and horrible, others may have strongly refused a taste, but for me, it's always been love.

Vegemite, it's the perfect breakfast on buttery toast, it's my very favourite hangover cure and it goes surprisingly well with avocado. And, if that isn't enough for you, it's my biggest secret weapon for travelling on a budget.

How...? I hear you ask.

Y'see, Vegemite makes for a delicious (and nutritious, hello B1) meal for any time of day. Grab some bread, or crackers, wack a generous portion of butter on there, your preferred amount of Vegemite, and if you're feeling particularly fancy, add some cheese or avocado – and voila, a meal for breakfast, lunch or tea.

I refuse to leave the country without a convenient little tub of brown-goodness. By packing a few Vegemite sandwiches in my day bag, I save myself money and time on my adventures.

That's all well and good for you Chalsie, but I hate Vegemite...

First of all, try it with warm toast, lots of butter (don't forget to wait for it to melt) and a tiiiiiny spread of Vegemite – I promise it won't be as bad as it looks.

But in all seriousness, what I've learned from my Vegemite addiction, is while travelling it's a great idea to get organised and go for a small grocery shop. Pick up a packet of zip-lock bags, cereal for breakfasts and snacking throughout the day, and a spread that'll last the whole trip for lunch. Peanut butter could be a delicious substitute. Or cheese and tomatoes are always a crowd pleaser.

What do you save by packing a lunch?

Imagine all the money you'd save on breakfasts and lunches. Let's think about it for a second. If you're eating a baked treat for breakfast every morning ($5), and having some sort of sit-down or picnic lunch every afternoon ($10), then you'll be spending around $15 per day. Say you're away for a month, that's $455 you'll be spending. And that's a lot of money!

Now, I'm not saying that you shouldn't eat out every breakfast and lunch, but instead, keep it a treat yo' self moment.

And y'all knew this was coming. Sing us out happy little Vegemites...


Tell me, what's your biggest secret weapon for travelling on a budget?