Packing Light For Winter (Stylishly)

Packing light for winter
Packing light for winter

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Okay, I'm going to be honest with you all. I've never come across a functional yet stylish packing list that speaks my minimal Scandinavian-esque style language. And I truly love the art of packing.

I'm not sure whether it's the fact that I'm from Australia, where our winters are comparatively warm to our northern hemisphere neighbours. But the first thing I reach for when packing for winter is a good quality merino wool thermal top – something never included in other packing lists. Not to mention thick thermal socks, and heavy duty boots that don't look like a child vomited up leather and hemp.

So, I took it upon myself to release what I believe to be a stylish yet functional packing list for winter travel – long underwear and all!

The Starter Tips –

1. Pick a colour pallet, and stick with it! Scrap those 'statement pieces', because let's face it, you're travelling – best to look effortlessly chic!

2. Choose your materials wisely. Best materials are natural, these breathe easier and don't smell as much after wear. For extra warmth, wool is your best option.

3. Strategise the layering. There's a rule of thirds with layering to keep warm – a base layer, a middle layer, and an outer layer. Start with your base, which is your merino wool thermals* – as lame as it is, tuck your thermal top into your pants/jeans. Followed by a long sleeve top, and a jumper. Don't forget your jacket and you'll be good to go! I also add a puffer vest if it's particularly cold.

4. Never leave home without a scarf, beanie and gloves. These will make a huge difference in arctic conditions!

5. Don't over pack. You're likely to buy warm clothes over there, so start with the basics.

* I don't always wear thermal bottoms. Often I find if my top half is warm, I'm warm. If it's particularly cold (-5 degrees C), I'll wear stockings or tights underneath my pants. These I will have already packed.

The Nitty Gritty –

1. Accessories: these guys are your lifesavers. They will keep you warmer than you ever imagined, guard you from the suns harsh rays on a snowy field, and keep all your keep-sakes close by.

2. Thermals: these guys are way too neglected in the travel blogger scene! Common guys, let's spread the thermal love. A thermal top will be the one thing that allows you to walk around all day in winter. I've never left Australia without one, as I'm a winter explorer! It's time to invest in a good merino wool thermal top. Most adventure and travel stores will be selling them half-price in the middle of the year, and at the end of the year, so save some dosh and buy them then.

3. The button-up shirt: I'm a sucker for them! Lately flannels have been my go-to shirt. Whatever your style is, pack a button-up! Dress it up or down, or wear it every single day – whatever it is, make sure it's in your bag.

4. Casual tops: pretty self explanatory. Make sure they cover your hips and don't leave any skin hanging out, and most importantly, you feel comfortable in them.

5. Woollen jumpers: try to find woollen jumpers that aren't too heavy or thick. Best thing to do is wear the heaviest/thickest on the plane.

6. Winter dress: not necessary and can be removed. I like taking a dress with me as I enjoy wearing them, I also can get sick of wearing jeans every day. Often I'll match a dress with a big oversized woollen jumper over the top – but that's just me.

7. Winter coat: another obvious one. Remember to wear this on the plane.

8. Down vest: this is another item I highly recommend investing in. Uniqulo sell compatible down vests for $70 – bargain! I wear the vest on its own, or under my winter coat for added warmth and insulation. It's all about the layers baby!

9. Jeans: I'm a freak who only wears one pair of jeans when travelling. Honestly, I can't be bothered lugging around an additional pair. This is totally up to you though! If you like clean pants, bring another pair.

10. Leggings: these are multifunctional. Wear for comfort on a long haul flight, under jeans for added warmth, and as PJs at night.

11. Waterproof boots: these are a must. They also MUST offer tread to prevent you from falling in snowy/icy conditions, and be comfortable and worn-in. I've learned the latter from experience. Seriously save yourself the pain and buy them well in advance, and make sure they have a little extra room for thick thermal socks. Wear these guys on the plane as well.

12. Runners: again, not a necessity, but if the weather ends up being nicer than you expected, it's nice to have those crazy comfortable shoes on hand. Bonus is they don't weigh a lot and can be compacted down.

13. The unmentionables: I haven't added in underwear or bras. That's a given (I hope). Just make sure they're comfortable and there's enough to last at least a week. I like to wash my underwear and socks in the shower when needed, using shampoo or soap.

What are your tips for staying stylishly warm while travelling in winter?