Part 1: Planning a holiday


Cease the day! So you want to travel? Amazing! Often it's difficult to know where to start, even if you've traveled before. But the best thing to do, is just start researching! This will be sure to get your travel bug aching and ready to book in no time! What really makes it happen is you!

Whether you're a first time traveller or haven't booked an adventure in a few years, it's time to cease the day and get planning! I'm here to make the whole process a little easier, and to ensure you don't forget anything, in an easy three part series which will guide you through the process. And if you've got questions in the meantime, comment and I'll get back to you!

Without further adieu, here's part 1: the crux of the trip.

See here for part 2 and part 3.


The first step when planning a holiday is quite obviously, deciding on a location. This could be straightforward, or it could be a jumble of wants, wishes and needs. There are a few things that come into play here – 1. money, 2. where you live, and 3. what you want from your trip. I recommend reading your favourite travel blogs and Lonely Planet to get a better understanding of what kind of experience each country has to offer.


It may be a strange question to ask yourself, because let's face it, ultimate comfort is heaven! But I recommend you consider the standards you're willing to live in a foreign country. This decision affects your living situations, flights, transportation, even the activities you undertake.

Comfort: If you're the type of person who doesn't feel comfortable sharing a bathroom or sleeping in a room with strangers. If you picture yourself lying on a beach sipping at cocktails, cafe hopping, or spending your time taking in the city sights and shopping. You're a comfort traveler, and there's absolutely no shame in that!

Original: If you're happy to get amongst the culture as long as there's a warm bed to retire to at night. Speaking of, you're happy to share a room with strangers, but would prefer to spend a little more money each night to ensure it's clean and not ridden with bugs. You're an original traveler.

Basic: If you're ready to get hands-on in the culture no matter the mess, lack of sleep, or drop toilet you're a basic traveler.


Traveling doesn't have to be a shared experience! Every year, more and more people embark on adventures around the world alone, and they usually come back more wide-eyed than ever before. However, if you're somebody who needs physical contact, a good conversation other than 'where are you from' and the option of a shoulder to cry on – you might enjoy it more if you're traveling with people you know. If you find yourself alone, but wanting that travel companion, it's best you book a tour. I recommend Intrepid Tours – these guys know their stuff, and you'll be sharing a room with someone of the same sex (instant travel buddy!).

Got any questions to tips for planning a holiday? Tell me in the comments!