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Round up
Round up

Today the sun hides behind clouds. Its shyness means my lounge room turned office is dark and cold. Although it's not raining, the day feels bleak and uninspiring.

I'm having one of those days where I completely doubt my ability to make something of my work. These days are particularly low and gruelling because I work alone. I don't have a business partner to pick me back up and tell me everything will be fine, to just move forward. Unlike working for someone else, I don't have the ability to take a day off. I work from home, so when I'm home, I tend to work.

These days feel unproductive. But I've come to realise they aren't so bad. Usually days like today put things into perspective. Yes, we could all dwell on the negatives, but nothing good comes of that. So, I'll let myself have an off day. I'll take everything in, one by one. The moan of the fridge, the tapping of the keyboard, the heavy wind against the walls that keep me safe, birds tap dancing on the tin roof, trains travelling in and around my home town.

Here's to the things that make life important.

Listening to – a whole lot of Alt-J.

Excited for – my boyfriend. He's currently in the process of creating something he's wanted for a while now!

Looking forward to – my future. That said, I'm not ignoring my present.

Dreaming of – surrounding myself with open space, endless horizons, fresh fruit and veg, dogs, cats, chickens, and enjoying my own space.

I'm grateful for – the people who I love: my boyfriend, my mum, my girlfriends even the ones who I don't see often enough, and everyone who takes a moment to read what I've got to say here. I am grateful.

How about you? What's great in your life at the moment?