Rural living


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I'm a city girl, born and bred. Which means I've gown up with the continual sound of movement at my doorstep. Trains, planes, cars, fog horns, drunks, you name it. In fact, for me it's really eery waking around 4am to hear nothing but the wind outside my bedroom window. It's noise I'm not used to, the noise of nothingness.

I can't really imagine waking every morning to the sound of silence – nothing but nature. The fresh air would be intoxicating, and I'm sure you'd feel a certain peace from the drug-like oxygen available.

If I had acres of land at my fingertips, I would have a farm of animals. From your usual dogs and cats, to chickens, cows, and ever joyful goats. I would plant every fruit and veg I loved, maybe even the ones I didn't love just so I could learn to love it. I would have a herb garden that brightens up every dish. I would have every colour of flower there is, and I would decorate my house with bouquets every week. Life would certainly be different!

To this day, rural life is my escape from the city. Maybe one day, the city will be my escape from rural life.