Secrets to a Working Holiday

Secrets to a Working Holiday
Secrets to a Working Holiday

Unconventional is one word you could use to describe my job. I don’t have a boss, supervisor or manager overlooking my shoulder to make sure I’m using my business hours to their fullest potential. I can take time off during the work day to do whatever I want, and I don’t have to commute to work each day (#livingthedream!).

As freeing as this all sounds, it also means it’s not so simple to take time off.

During the past two weeks, I’ve been spending time down the coast of Victoria, living simply. I’m house and animal sitting in Lorne. It’s just me and the creatures (a dog, two cats, one rabbit, five chickens and the Australian wildlife). The point here has been to take some time to relax, reboot and revive my love for my creative passions. But it’s turned into a somewhat working holiday.

Secrets To Switching Off When There's Still Work To Be Done!

1. IT'S OKAY TO TAKE TIME OFF – Most of us get some time off work each year, and believe it or not, you're allowed to take unpaid leave. Whatever it is that keeps you busy during your spare time, whether it’s a blog, a hobby, or a volunteer gig, people will understand if you need some time off. After all, we’re only human.

2. PLAN YOUR TIME – If the thought of taking time off gives you an ulcer, then plan out an hour early in the day to get those high priorities done. That way you get it out of your system, and can enjoy the rest of your time off.

3. FAKE IT – Sometimes taking time away from your daily task list is impossible. So, why not fake a vacation? Work from a hotel room, beside the pool, or at a cafe. That way you get some time away from the office, some relaxation (I hope!) but you still get through the to-do list. Win win!


I've got another week and a half in Lorne. I seem to be enjoying the solitude and switching off more-and-more each day. I now remember what it feels like to forget my worries and be well rested. My mind is no longer goes 100 miles a minute, I have time to think, reassess and just be. I highly recommend taking some time to just relax, to everyone.

Tell me, what are your secrets to switching off?