Weekender: The Great Ocean Road

As I write this entry I'm sitting on the balcony of my boyfriends childhood home – a space he's known for the last 30 years of his life. I'm surrounded by the sound of waves rolling into the shore, kookaburras singing, cicadas dancing, chickens crowing, and wind rustling in the trees above. The air is warm but the ocean breeze cools my skin.

This is the second year I've spent my Christmas and New Year break in Lorne. This year we spent plenty of much needed time relaxing, letting the ocean air wash all our city worries and cares away. Playing tourist, we also explored those typical Great Ocean Road landmarks, bringing back fond memories of some of our first ever adventures as kids.

The last couple of days of 2014, we spent exploring the Great Ocean Road. Winding around the road, the ocean stood endlessly over the horizon on one side, and mountain walls to the other – reminding me to keep moving forward. Each stop off took us somewhere absolutely breathtaking! There’s really nothing quite like the Australian coastline. As we stood at the very edge of Australia, overlooking the wild endless ocean, I felt at home.

The possibilities of the new year becomes so apparent when you’re standing on the edge of the world. You realise nothing stands in your way but you, and all it takes is one courageous leap ahead.

We welcomed the new year on top of a hill overlooking the ocean. We watched the fire works light up the sky, the dark horizon seemed to go on for eternity. The kind of darkness you only get to experience outside of the city. And I realised how much I want in life, how lately, something’s shifted. I no longer lust after material possessions, but experiences. And a life I will look back and smile upon.

Geez, I must be getting old!

The Great Ocean Road Checklist

Loch Ard Gorge

This space brings back fond memories as a child. I remember becoming quite taken-aback. Again, like I were experiencing it for the first time, I felt those feelings. This landscape will make you want to pitch a tent and live on the shore forever.

The Twelve Apostles

Surly there's not much I need to say about The Twelve Apostles.  A collection of limestone stacks sitting just off the cliffs edge of Victoria. Best you see these as soon as you can, they won't be around much longer due to erosion. In fact, there are only 8 remaining.

Bay of Islands

This was the very first time I had looked over the Bay of Islands, and truly, it's incredible. Watching the ocean waves roll in, thrashing against dozens of little islands that scatter along the ocean is really spectacular. I could watch for hours on end.

Gibson Steps

Named after the steps in the Australian cliff taking you down to a seemingly untouched shoreline. I recommend staying for sunset, as you say goodbye to the days sunlight over the ocean horizon, you'll feel all your worries fade away with it.

The Otway Ranges

Victoria's version of a rainforest in my books. The moment you step into this national park, you'll feel the temperature drop, the air clear and a neck cramp from starring up at the ginormous tree tops.

The Redwoods

Once was a hidden treasure, no you'll be surrounded by tourists. But what's the point in a remarkable landscape if we can't share it with others? An absolutely spectacular forest of giant Californian Redwoods planted in 1939 – just don't get lost.

Where have you explored Victoria, Australia yet? If not, where would be your first stop off?