The looming deadline

It's that time of year again... packing my life up into boxes, hiring a couple of well-fit men and a truck, and moving to a new house. Yup, it seems, I keep finding myself in situations where I move once my 12-month lease is up. Usually the date looms, and I think to myself, not this year life – I shall stay in a house for longer than 12-months! Then, before I realise it, circumstances have changed, housemates are shacking up with boyfriends, and I'm again, out on the market.

It always begins the same – this will be fun! I get to spend my weekends looking inside houses, seeing how others live their lives, and dreaming of ways I could decorate new spaces. And it is fun for a week or so, but it starts to get very frustrating.

I've found my dream house, in fact I've found more than one. I've filled out the tedious online applications (I swear I'm reliable), which is almost always accompanied by a foolproof cover letter if I do say so myself, and... nothing.

I then begin to lose hope, and the move out deadline is terrifyingly fast approaching, so I go into panic mode. APPLY FOR ALL THE HOUSES! To only realise, I don't want to live in 'all the houses', I want a nice quaint house I'd be happy to spend ALL my time in, because I have to, I work from home.

So, I give it time, I put all my belongings into a container and live out of a suitcase for a few weeks – homeless. Well, that's a little dramatic, no one is really homeless if they have a loving family, boyfriend, and friends to count on!

But in all seriousness, I do hope I'm accepted for the numerous houses I've fallen head-over-heels for, because the truth is, I really want to live somewhere for more than 12-months again!