The ultimate weekender


Easter. The ultimate weekender! How often do you get the chance to have a four day weekend? Not often enough I say!

If you haven't already booked accommodation, or planned where you'll be spending your long weekend, then you'll be in the same boat as me. What a bad travel blogger I am! The thing is, I didn't think I'd have the chance to get away. Y'see, my boyfriend works 7 days a week, he never really stops. He owns his own restaurant which has just celebrated its second month of opening and things are just getting busier and busier for him. Closing shop for the four days wasn't what he had initially planned, but with penalty rates, it just wasn't worth staying open.

He made the decision to close only a few days ago. The moment he knew we went to book flights to, well, anywhere!

That didn't really work out. Every flight was incredibly over priced, there weren't even any last minute deals happening. We quickly scrapped that idea, and started thinking about camping. That was until we realised it's said to rain all weekend, go figure. Not what we had in mind for our ultimate weekender! So, instead we decided on going to our go-to weekender destination, Lorne.

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know how much I adore the coastal town of Lorne. Also, Josh's hometown. I really wanted to explore somewhere new, but I'm also really excited to just have a weekend off – if there's such a thing working in social media.

If you've done the same and left everything last minute, I suggest you drop everything right now, get on AirBnB, book a few nights somewhere different, and just go exploring!


How will you be spending the Easter long weekend?