Things to do on a Rainy Day in Melbourne

Spring time for Melbourne means one thing, and one thing only – four seasons in one day.

You won't understand this phenomenon unless you've lived in Melbourne during spring. Let me paint you a picture, imagine the weather changing every hour or two. It's that erratic. It's totally bizarre, but we've all learned to live with it. I never leave the house without a jumper or jacket, and an umbrella (before the wind sent mine to umbrella heaven – R.I.P.).

As you can imagine this weather would turn any normal person off leaving the house. But here's how we like to do things.


1. Sleep in – Unlike our sunny-Sydney sisters, Melbournians don't wake up early. We like to sleep in, skip that morning yoga routine (because, sleep, duh), and then go straight to brunch.

2. Remember to wear black. Especially on a rainy day in Melbourne.

3. One word, coffee – Now find a good cafe. And by good cafe, I mean a cafe that has the best coffee in the world, and food to match –note, any cafe with a line out the door will do, and yes, there's about one on every corner. We do not settle for bad coffee, and we take our brunching very seriously.

4. Eat eat eat – Seriously. Eat. All day, every day, eat all of the foods. Drink all of the coffee. Induce a food coma you worry you might not wake from. Why? Because you're in Melbourne, and the food + coffee is just that good.

5. Sluggishly do something chilled out – Ok, by now the rain should have stopped, and the sun should be shining. Quickly get on a train or tram (or ride a bike!), to Melbourne Museum. If you're feeling a little slow from your self-induced food coma, skip the museam and go straight to IMAX and watch a nature documentary on the big screen! Another option would be Cinema NovaThe Sun Theatre or any listed in this article.

6. Unless you're feeling energetic – If instead, you're feeling like releasing your inner child, head to the west (oh hay, my hood), and check out Scienceworks and the Planeterium. Seriously, you'll be running around while your brain explodes from all the cool shit you're learning.

7. Walk in the rain – If the rain is back, which is likely, well you might not like this part but walk in it, like the true Melbournian you are. Get out your, here's one I prepared earlier, umbrella and enjoy.

8. Dumplings – It's likely by now you're hungry again, so you should definitely head to China Town and eat dumplings from, what every Melbournian would say, the best dumplings and BYO joint around – Shanghai Dumplings. Again, proceed to fill your body to the point of explosion.

9. Time to party? – There are tonnes of places you could head to for a drink. If you're looking for a fancy cocktail Madam Brussels is your best option. For something a little strange in a totally cool and grown up way, head to The Carlton Club. For something super chill, try Section 8. For a grown-up boogie, head to The Toff. But really, there's something for everyone, just use Broadsheet as your guide, like a true Melbournian you are now.

Have you been to Melbourne? Where are your favourite places to eat, drink, escape the weather?