Top 5 Cities I'd Like to Live

Uprooting your life is big. Well, it is for me.

I know people who don't think much of it. It's difficult for them to stay still, continually looking for the next big move. But for me, I love the comfort of home. I love knowing there's that someone special waiting for me with our bundle of fur. I love our little house in Melbourne's inner west. I love the moment every night when I get into bed, I suddenly feel so at ease, so comfortable.

Having said all that, I've always loved the idea of living overseas. And after spending a bit of time exploring the world, I've come to collect a little list of maybe's.

Here are my top 5 cities I'd like to live:

5. Reykjavik, Iceland

I didn't really spend that much time in Reykjavik but it felt right. I love how secluded it is, how far north it is and how small Reykjavik really is. And with the added bonus of an insanely incredible landscape only a small drive away. I'm keen to give it a try. Iceland is also said to have the world's highest number of published writers per capita – there must be some sort of creative energy in the water – so I feel like I'd get some serious writing done living there.

4. Queenstown, New Zealand

Moving to New Zealand is very appealing for me. I mean, it's easy to start – as an Australian or New Zealander, you can move between the two countries to work without much hassle. We don't even need to line up in the 'foreign passport' line to enter NZ. Living in Queenstown would be like waking up in paradise. Surrounded by mountains, I'd feel so refreshed every day – and only a short drive to get out of the city and into the wilderness.

3. Tokyo, Japan

The first city I ever travelled to outside of Australia was Toyko. And recently I had the pleasure of returning. There's something so magnetic about this city. It's full of life and culture, and it constantly surprises me. It feels like, in Tokyo, anything is possible. If I were to move here, I'd find myself a nice little creative sub-culture and get immersed in it. I'd find my creative energy, start dressing a little crazier and make shit happen.

2. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Strangely, I didn't expect much from Amsterdam. But when I recently visited, I was blown away by how cool the city was. And that was in the pouring rain. Amsterdam is a laid back city, easy to get around and absolutely stunning. It had a really cool vibe going on. For those of you who have the perception that Amsterdam is all about party and drugs, it actually felt safer, cleaner and less 'boozy' than most Australian cities. I'd move there in a heartbeat, buy an old bike, rent a small apartment overlooking a canal and get creative.

1. Melbourne, Australia

I'm lucky, I was born in the right city. I'm a Melbourne girl at heart. I love the relaxed vibes, the cold yet sporadic weather, the old townhouses, the cafe culture. I love that leaving the house after 11am on a weekend is totally acceptable. I love the large freelance community. If I had to stay living in Melbourne for the rest of my life, I'd be totally ok with that.

What are your top 5 cities you'd like to love?