Travelling Without Your Partner


Have you noticed as of the past year, solo travel has become somewhat fad-ish? I mean, let's take a look around us, every blogger out there (not just travel based) seems to be raving about solo travel, making the rest of us somehow clicking 'buy now' on a flight to Brazil, alone. Well, turns out, it's actually happening – outside the blogger community that is. A recently study found solo travel is on the rise, and has been since 2013. Apparently us hip Gen-Y-ers are going at it alone! Whether we're in a couple or not, nothing will stop us from concurring, ahum, I mean travelling the world! I jumped into solo travel the third time I went overseas – to Europe of course! Initially I was supposed to go with my uni girlfriends, but they all pulled out. I was at the travel agency when we were all about to cancel our flights and thought, 'fuck it, I'm going alone'. Months on, I was sitting at the airport after saying goodbye to my mum and boyfriend thinking, 'holy crap, what have I got myself into?'. But to this day, it was the best thing I ever did for myself. It was difficult, lonely, and at times frightening, but I learned more in those two months about myself and the world then I ever would if I went with a loved one.

I came back reinvigorated, as travel does to a person, and a little sick of myself. After that I moved out of home and become the independent person you see today.

Since that trip, I have mostly travelled with a friendly companion. Although that companion has rarely been my boyfriend. My travelling alone, and independence has made our relationship, well, independent. We live our own lives, together. We're a part of each others life, but we don't dominate it. We enjoy each others company, and relish in the days we have off together, or moments late at night where we can share a moment of solitude. Our independent partnership allows us to be our own person, while having that comfort and support of a couple. I wouldn't have it any other way.

For some time now, travel has mostly gone hand-in-hand with family, friends, lovers, your best mate Max the Border Collie. But these days, jumping on a plan across the globe, leaving the loved ones behind isn't considered a bad sign. In fact, it could be making relationships more sustainable(?). Well, in my case, I like to think it does. I adore travelling with Josh, but I also love the time we have apart. To me, the feeling of deeply missing someone allows me to take a step back, and realise how important they are – because sometimes we forget to notice the simple things, the ones that matter and make it all worthwhile.


Do you enjoy travelling solo? Or does the thought of it make you want to crawl up into a ball and hide under the covers? Share with me in the comments below!