Up in the air – off to China

Off to China
Off to China

This is a somewhat goodbye for now. Well, not for long! But for the next two weeks, I'll be exploring China! And with China, comes Internet censorship!

During my time away, I've organised a few guest posts from some good friends of mine. They will be taking you away to Bali and Hawaii! I hope you enjoy their stories, tips and day trips, plus a different voice on The Workshop Co. for the first time ever!

Let's go back three months. I had itchy feet and I knew there was something I was missing in my life. I needed a taste of adventure, the inspiration that comes from exploring another culture, and world intrigue. So, without much thought I booked a return ticket to China. It didn't worry me I was going to embark on this adventure alone. I had successfully traveled around Europe solo, why would China be any different?

The very moment I booked my flight, I sat back, in a state of 'did I just do that'?! At that moment of staring at the computer screen in some sort of daze, a good friend and old housemate contacted me with an urge to travel in January/February 2015. Strange timing right? It didn't take long for her to book a ticket on my flight to join me on my Chinese adventure!

When telling friends and family I'm going to China, I get two responses – 1. what for? and 2. why china? No 'wow's, no 'ohh I'd love to visit China one day's, only negative responses. I've been blown away these reactions! In my books, every country is worth an adventure! And really, why the hell not – China's absolutely full to the brim with history, culture, art, and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, there's so much to do, two weeks hardly even scrapes the surface!

This has opened my eyes to how little we, as Australian's (and possibly the rest of the world) know about China! Which is why I can't wait to come back and share all my experiences with you! I want to inspire others to explore a country so rich with history, culture and some very bizarre traits. I want this trip to be the first of many, where I can make something of my first three loves – travel, photography and writing.

Now, I really must run. Remember to follow my adventures on Instagram (pretty sure it's not banned from China yet). I look forward to sharing my experiences with you!

See you on the flip side dear readers! x