Video: Discover Croatia in December

Croatia was one of those countries that really wasn't what I expected. I had a blast nonetheless!

We arrived in Zagreb the capital of Croatia around 6am, after a nights coach ride from Prague, via Munich. We were tired, and had a day of exploring ahead of us before we jumped on a late-night flight to Dubrovnik. We decided to splash out and buy a flight because, as you can imagine, we couldn't bare spending another night sleeping on a coach.

Zagreb was, how can I put this lightly... dull. There's not really much to do in Zagreb. We only allocated a day to explore, and that was even too much time. But we met a really lovely British expat, who kindly showed us around, making our experience of Zagreb a lot more cheery. We ended it on a high note. Although, we did find ourselves at Zagreb airport with a few too many hours to kill, only to find there was no free internet – shocking I know! So instead, we drank Croatian beer, naturally.

The rest of Croatia, I'll have to save for another time. But for now, here's a little video of my time exploring the beautiful untouched streets of Dubrovnik, and the breathtaking Plitvice National Park. Discover Croatia in December, and you'll find it doesn't have to be a summer-only destination!

Have you been to Croatia? What did you think?