Weekender: Mornington


Strangely enough, I had never visited Mornington prior to last weekend!

Mornington, only a hop, skip and a jump outside of Melbourne – also know as an hour train ride to the end of the line, and a helpful father pick up. We had planned a girls weekend away. What was on our itinerary? A whole lot of sitting on the beach, listening to music, and sipping on icy cold gin and tonics. And that's what we did! I mean really, what else do you expect?

Apart from the relaxation, we may have taken part in some typical girls weekend away action. There was dancing, singing, and tanning involved. Well, I didn't tan, it's slightly impossible to tan my pasty white skin. But I did dance, sing and was the least burned soul to leave beautiful Mornington.

To add to how ultimate this girls weekend was, we took advantage of our proximity to the Peninsula Hot Springs. I'm talking natural hot springs that dollop up a hill to a beautiful view of rolling green hills and the ocean – just wow. Who knew this existed in Victoria?! Not I! And I really couldn't recommend it enough! A mere $40 entry, for as many hours as we felt necessary. You've got an array of natural hot springs of all different heating, saunas, massage showers, and beautiful scenery to take in!

Mornington is a beautiful beach town, much larger than you would expect. Located surprisingly close to Melbourne. The cafe and food culture is beaming with delicacies. You'll always have something to do! Whether that's laying on the beach, watching the boats sail in and around the bay, or vintage shopping along the main village.

After spending two days fuelling our vitamin d intake on the beach, we were exhausted. It's amazing what hard work it is, relaxing!



Peninsula Hot Springs Springs Lane, Fingal, 3939 Mornington, Victoria www.peninsulahotsprings.com

Remember to book in online. You can do this on the day you're planning on going, unless you're particular about the time you arrive.

DOC Pizza 22 Main St, Mornington, Victoria www.docgroup.net

The best pizza in Melbourne! They've also got locations in Carlton (go figure, it's the Italian food epicentre of Melbourne) and Albert Park.

Watch the sunset At any lookout

With the ocean rolling off into the distance in the west, you've got front row seats to the most underrated daily event! Take a moment, grab a beer, and enjoy that beauty.


Have you been to Mornington? Share your experience with me!