Top cafes to visit in Melbourne's west

Top cafes to visit in Melbourne's west
Top cafes to visit in Melbourne's west

Melbourne, oh Melbourne! You will always and forever be my home.

I've lived in Melbourne for my entire 24 years of life. Majority of that time was spent growing up in the inner west, and like anyone else who has grown up in one suburb, I'm smitten. The most fantastic thing about Melbourne's inner west is its growth. When I was born, the west was derelict, impoverished, unheard of and often considered quite dangerous. Why my parents decided to bring a family up in this horrible sounding place? They didn't. Originally their purchase in the inner west was because it was incredibly cheap, and they were planning on renovating the house, selling it, and moving to the north. That was, until things began to change.

Suddenly, this little derelict town had a few boutique stores open up. Then the town's theatre was purchased by someone who painstakingly renovated it to its original art deco form. And then, the cafes moved in. All of a sudden, one day I woke up and my little derelict hometown had become a sweet, boutique town. Housing some of the best Melbourne coffee (I call it Melbourne coffee because it truly is the best in the world – ask anyone), delicious sweets, a bustling theatre turned cinema, and a summer pop-up park in the middle of the street.

Nowadays the surrounding suburbs are quickly following suit, and it's incredible. So here's my top cafe picks for Melbourne's inner west, because there's really nowhere like it in my eyes.


A suburb I never thought I'd end up living in. I now couldn't think of anywhere better to base myself! Only a 5 minute drive to Melbourne's CBD, or 8 minutes on the train – that's what I call central. Best known for its cheap Asian eateries, markets and Afrian food, Footscray has soul. It moves to a different beat. The streets are dirty, and there's graffiti over every plain wall. But there's a movement happening, and you can feel it when you walk down the street.

Guerilla Espresso Cafe

Won Best Small Cafe in The Age Good Cafe Guide 2014 and lives up to that award.

Shop 228. Footscray Market Footscray Markets (Irving Street entrance) Footscray

Footscray Milking Station

Coffee and some delicious brunch goods.

35 Bunbury Street Footscray

Olympic Donuts

If you grew up in the west, you'll have fond memories of buying a bag load of these donuts for under $2.

51 Irving St Footscray

Fox in the Corn

Although not technically a cafe, this place has what I believe to be the best coffee in Melbourne – Monk Bodhi Dharma.

4 Droop St Footscray

T. Cavallaro & Sons

Hands down, best cannoli's in Melbourne. Highly underrated!

98 Hopkins St Footscray


Seddon is a lovely hub full of very patriotic residents! When you walk down the street you're bound to run into someone you know. Or is that just me? If you're looking for a small community vibe, with city views, Seddon's your town!

Common Galaxia

Offering a really interesting take on brunch options.

Shop 3 130 Victoria Street, Seddon

Seddon Deadly Sins

The basics, done well. Coffee, not as good as it's neighbours but worth sacrificing for the food.

148 Victoria St, Seddon

Little Man Cafe

A little piece of Scandinavia with some of the best coffee Melbourne has on offer.

158 Victoria St, Seddon


Yarraville will always be very close to my heart, having lived there for the majority of my life. The one that really started this inner west revolution, Yarraville will always be top dog. It's got something to do with the way the village works. Situated next to the train station, the old boom gates stand hardy, welcoming everyone into the town centre. Cafes, restaurants, supermarkets boom, while the Sun Theatre lights the night sky.

Wee Jeanie

Coffee, need I say more?

50 Anderson Street, Yarraville

Cobb Lane

One of the best Australian pastry chefs, doing his thing.

13 Anderson Street, Yarraville


More delicious coffee, with a pretty nice view of the Sun Theatre.

9 Ballarat Street, Yarraville


Little Spotswood is like the middle child. Often forgotten, mostly neglected. But boy does she have a lot to offer! There are two major cafes that stand out in Spotswood, and you really couldn't ask for anything better.

Candied Bakery

All the baked goods you could dream of!

81a Hudsons Road, Spotswood

Duchess of Spotswood

Amazing food! Watch out vegetarians, not much on offer for you. But the coffee is damn good.

87 Hudsons Road Spotswood