What's in my carry on luggage?

What's in my carry on luggage?
What's in my carry on luggage?

Still feeling surreal, I'll be leaving for China in less than a week now!

I'm sure you're all aware of the emotions I'm going through at the moment – the excitement phase, the what the hell should I pack phase, the I should've bought these boots a year ago phase, the I hope my work will survive without me phase, and the oh my god I hope my plane doesn't fall out of the sky phase. But really, I'm just darn excited!

In this excitement, I've been spending most my time before bed thinking about each aspect of the trip, naturally. And as an avid packer, I've been writing lists in my head. My packing list is pretty sorted, but we mustn't forget about carry on luggage!

Here are my carry on essentials!

For Comfort

Scarf – I’m not the first to say it, but scarves make great mid-flight companions. Flights are unpredictably predictable – you’re going to get cold, uncomfortable, restless and drowsily awake. A scarf helps with all of these moments. Make sure your scarf is big enough to be used as a blanket, snuggly enough to roll into pillow form, and soft enough to make you feel at ease.

Thick socks – Whether you’re heading to a tropical island or the sahara, you’ll need thick socks on the plane. I suggest you take your shoes off as soon as you take your seat, and pop these bad boys on! It’ll set the mood of getting comfortable instead of anxious (even if you aren’t a nervous flyer).

Spare undies –When you get off the plane, you’re going to feel absolutely gross. Changing out of your old underwear and into new ones will make a world of difference.

For Entertainment

Headphone jack – Let’s face it, airplane headphones are the worst! Often they don’t fit on your head properly, and don’t even get me started on sitting on your ears. The sound is muffled, and sometimes hard to hear from the roar of the airplane engines. Do yourself a favour and spend $2 on a headphone jack, available at any electronics store.

Novel –Watching movies is great! I get it. But often they just keep your mind active with the flashing bright lights and sounds. Take the time you have disconnected from the world, and read a book. This will slow your body down, and allow you to really shut off. Which is something we don’t do often.

Note pad and pen –Again, this is the one place you’re not distracted by the online world. Whatever it is you enjoy, this is your time to write, draw, create!

For Health and Wellbeing

Moisturiser – Flying can really dry out your skin! Take face moisturiser, hand cream, and lip balm, and apply as frequently as you need.

Deodorant and perfume – Once landed, give yourself a deodorant top up and a sprits of perfume to feel a little less, well, sticky. I recommend purchasing a perfume travel atomiser to stay well below the 100ml carry on limit.

Water – In order to feel somewhat human once you’ve landed, drink plenty of water! Purchase the biggest water bottle you can find after you’ve checked in. And yes, drinking water will mean you’ll want to wee, and wee away people! This will help your body recover from the recycled air and cabin pressure.

Toothpaste and brush – You’ll be amazed at the difference brushing your teeth will make to your overall flight! You’ll feel fresh, and somewhat comfortable. Just remember to bring travel sized toothpaste so it again fits in the 100ml carry on limit.

Hand sanitiser – A bottle of hand sanitiser in your bag can go a loooooong way when travelling! Seriously, for the sake of all that is hygienic, take some and never let it leave your side!

And if you’re flying first class, forget everything I’ve said, sit back, and relax! You lucky bastard.

Tell me, what are your carry on essentials?