Where to next: Istanbul


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I have a feeling I'm going to love Istanbul! I mean, when I think of all the countries I really love it's usually for the history, the people, the religions. Everything about these countries are so different from what I know as the norm. Which makes me think, Istanbul will be similar. Just thinking of the souks, markets, and mosques – man, it's going to be great!

Although I'm a non-believer (meaning, I'm not religious, I consider myself agnostic), religion has always intrigued me. It's not that I'm searching for something to believe in, I really don't need that, I just find it fascinating that such large groups of people dedicate their lives to something unknown for fear of death. So, religion is another reason I'm really intrigued to explore Istanbul. I'm keen to learn more about Islam beliefs and the muslim religion.

That said, I'd be pretty content to spend my whole time eating felafel and humus, with mint tea and turkish delight. Nom!

Have you been to Istanbul before? Share your tips and must-do's with me!