Why You Don't HAVE to Quit Your Job to Travel the World

Quit your job to travel the world

I'm just going to go right ahead and say it. I'm sick of blogs telling me to quit my job, sell my things and buy a one way ticket to digital nomadism.

The thing is, I could actually do that. I work for myself in digital media, my clients are already all over Australia, we mostly communicate through email and Skype. So I could actually work anywhere in the world. But I chose not to.

I probably travel more than the average person because of the freedom that comes from my job. Which is a big reason why I love working for myself. And believe me when I say, I don’t take that for granted.

But I actually love the comfort home.

For me, there’s nothing better than the feeling of your own bed after a long trip away. Or waking up to your significant other lying next to you every morning. Or coming home to your fur-babies eagerly waiting for your pats (or is that food they want from me?).

It all works hand-in-hand though. I wouldn’t be able to appreciate my home life without travel, and I wouldn’t be able to appreciate travel without my home life.

I believe home and travel compliment each other.


Why you don’t HAVE to quit your job to travel the world

Sure, it sounds like a dream. Imagine waking up in a new city every week – hotel rooms, local cuisine, new landscapes, cultures and traditions to immerse yourself in. It would be a never-ending ride.

But travelling full-time, would get rough.

I mean seriously, waking up in a new city every week… hotel rooms… local cuisine – it would just get too much full-time. It would lose its magic. And I can’t think of anything worse than that.

People who travel full-time, generally travel as part of their job. If there’s no way you’d be able to fit a digital nomad lifestyle into your 9-5, then that’s ok. As long as you’re doing what you love. As long as waking up in the morning isn’t a battle, and long days at the office don’t make you want to crawl into a ball and cry. As long as you get some sort of fulfilment and pride out of your work.

At the end of the day, if you’re doing what you love, then you’re the one living the dream.

Y'know, the best part is, you can still travel with a full-time career. It’s not like travelling full-time is your only option. Instead, you can love your life at home, and travel in-between. That sounds like the better option anyway. Because like I said before, travel and home compliment each other – you wouldn’t really appreciate one without the other.


Do you find yourself not travelling, despite the fact that you have 4-weeks of annual leave every year?

Well, there's one simple way to travel more often, and that's to prioritise travel in your day-to-day life. Instead of buying lunch every work-day, bring your own. Instead of having that extra glass of wine, drink slower and drink less. Instead of paying for parking every work-day, take the train. It all adds up, and it can all lead to travelling more.

Legally you don't have to take that week off between Christmas and New Years. Forced annual leave is not cool bosses! So, ask to work it. Catch up on the things you never have time to do, organise your year ahead, make the most of the office to yourself.

The point is to be a little more conscious when you're spending money. If you do that, your savings will start increasing and you'll be one step closer to travelling more often.

Quitting your job to travel the world is quite a new concept. Never before have we been able to travel and work so easily. But like being a Kardashian or Emma Watson, it’s not possible for all of us to be a digital nomad. So next time a travel blogger tells you to quit your job and travel the world, take a moment to realise that you've got it pretty freaking good. 


Share with me what your dream career looks like! How will you fit travel into your life?