Why You Should Absolutely Travel to China Now

It feels like only last month when I was wandering, most often completely lost, around China. As much as it shocks me, it was actually at the beginning of 2015 when I was lucky enough to step foot in this intriguing country. Ever since then, I've been eager to return.

But, more often than not, I get puzzled faces staring back at me, asking why?

When did China become a questionable destination to explore? It's always intrigued me, ever since I learned a bit about Chinese history through one of those educational after school shows on ABC.

China is a remarkable country, unlike any I've explored before. There are so many layers to it. So, here's 8 reasons why you should absolutely travel to China now.

The history

Chinese civilisation goes back thousands of years. And for an Australian, that's pretty unimaginable. China is one of the world's oldest civilisations. So naturally, there's some pretty kickass temples and monuments, and of course, a hell of a lot of culture.

The spirituality

I don't know about you, but religion intrigues me. It could be because I grew up in an atheist household, or the fact that I've never had that reassuring feeling that there's more than what we see. But the temples in China are incredible, real and totally local experiences.

The strangeness

With a country with so much ancient history, which was once so poor but fast became a superpower, you can only expect some cross-cultural strangeness. Visiting China is kind of like visiting another planet. There are really weird things that happen there. Kids poo in the streets, which once the sun goes down, turn into everyone's kitchens. Hoiking and spitting in public is totally acceptable and common practice. Eating poisonous insects is a delicacy.

China is the only country that's really kept me on my toes. I'm very glad I had someone to share my experience with, because at times it was shockingly unbelievable, in a totally amusing way.

The food

Chinese food is more than what you find at your local Chinese joint. Everywhere you go in China, the food is different – which is to be expected since it's such a huge country. From sweets to rice dishes to hot pot, there will definitely be a style of food that tickles your fancy. I mean, who doesn't love dumplings?

It's rough as a vegetarian though.

It's good for your wallet

China is oh so cheap. You could get away with spending around $20 a day on accommodation and food if you wanted. Here's a tip, most of the cheaper attractions are actually far better than the expensive ones. This could be because they need less money for upkeep if there's more foot traffic, or maybe they've got a skewed idea of what's good. Who knows!

Crazy cool landscapes

China's huge. So the landscape varies pretty rapidly. From colourful lakes to plains of yellow sand to mountains formed as jagged pillars shooting into the sky. No matter where in China you find yourself, you'll definitely find yourself in aware of the landscape.

Experience how consumerism affects the environment

This may not be a positive, but it's certainly an eye opener. The pollution levels in China are unbelievable. There are times when you can't see far in front of yourself because the smog is so thick. And what's worse, is only after a few days you can feel it in your lungs – no wonder they hoik and spit so much.

The kids are freaking adorable

There's something super adorable about Chinese children. I mean, look at them all in a single line following their classmate with a flag. They're especially cute in winter when they're dressed in their puffer coats.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a flight to China today and experience it for yourself. I don't think China will ever be as cheap or as interesting as it is right now, so I recommend exploring as soon as you can.


Have you got China on your bucket list?


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Why you should travel to China