Packing 101: Winter packing checklist

Winter packing list
Winter packing list

Ah, the ultimate discussion – packing! In a perfect world, my job would be professional packer. I would tear through peoples wardrobes, rolling and decanting like a reality tv series I would totally watch. Call me crazy but! There's something so comforting to me about carrying my life around on my back. The organisation and ease of moving around. I guess, saying that it's also quite scary. Whoever dares steals my backpack will certainly die a very horrible death. Unpacking on the other hand, can go dig a whole and die in it.

Traveling in winter is a whole different ball-game for us Aussies. Y’see, our winters get to about 10 degrees minimum, sometimes a little colder, but not by much. And don't even talk to me about snow. We get snow on the tip of some mountains, and I've heard it's a total let down. I can just imagine all of you scoffing at my lack of understanding of how cold winter can really be! And I get it, I honestly wish I could experience a snow covered town, a white Christmas, rugging up to the nines! Ah!

Now, again, I might be crazy. There’s something that really calls to me about travelling during winter. I mean, often you won’t be surrounded by tourists for one. I was able to walk right into the Colosseum in Rome during a beautiful sunny day in January. Literally, walk in, no lines, nothing! It's often cheaper too – hello budget travelling. But that’s not the reason I travel in winter.

There’s something romantic about a city in the cold. Sounds dreary, but I love it. And if it’s snowing, even better! Being rugged up in knits, oversized coats, and chunky scarves. Stomping around in my big boots, and thick thermal socks. The icy air makes the comforts of a coffee even more welcoming, watching locals zip by in the warmth of a cafe. The freshness of the air adds a certain excitement of exploration. Warming the soul with food is so oh-so satisfying! Have I sold it to you yet?

The organisation freak (ok, ok, my dying wish to be a professional packer) inside me has been giving my packing list for my time in China a big thought. So, I’ve put together a guide to packing light for winter including a special something for you all to download for free!


Ensure you’re sticking to one colour pallet when deciding on clothes to take. That way everything you pack, works together and you don't be carrying around things you never wear. Never bring anything you feel uncomfortable in! If you wouldn’t wear it at home, you certainly won’t wear it travelling – trust me!


Oh the horrors of what traveling in winter can do to ones skin! Take plenty of moisturiser and lip balm, travelling in itself can really dry out your skin, let alone in winter. Think of the times you’ll be moving in and out of heating, on and off planes, indulging in food not so great for the skin – yeah, you know what I mean.


Now, stop imagining a hobos dirty fingers and listen to me. Or better yet, read. When thinking about what gloves to take with you, it’s a good idea to take a pair that allow you to use your fingers without taking the entire glove off. Think iPhone, Google Maps offline, cold hands. It will really make a difference! But I’d recommend taking gloves that allow you to cover your fingers too – something like this!


I have a confession to make. I usually only take one pair of jeans for a two week holiday (gasp!). That might seem pretty gross to a lot of you, but I really don't think it matters much. Plus, it saves plenty of room in my bag. By bringing more tops than pants, you're able to mix up your outfits day-to-day, and tops don't take up much room in your bag – more space for shopping!


This is a tip I learned from Aubrey at The Love Assembly, and it's a goodie! To change the look and feel of outfits, change your hair style! This changes the complete look! Ah, best tip yet right?


If your feet are cold and uncomfortable, I promise you’ll have the worst time! This is one part of your body that you really need to look after when travelling. You’ve got to bring shoes that are warn-in, and are big enough to wear thick thermal socks comfortably. Tip: you should be able to easily wiggle your toes. And for the love of travellers everywhere, DO NOT take heels! You won’t use them, they’re a waste of space. Instead, if you really want to take some going-out shoes, pack flats that can lay flat in your bag (flat flat flat).

And last but not least, drum roll please!... Here's my winter packing checklist you can download for free. Do what you want with it. Print it out, give it to a friend, wear it on your head. Whatever you want! It's a present from me to you!

Have you got any packing tips I haven’t covered? Share them in the comments below!