5 Things You Need to Know About the Drive From Adelaide to Melbourne

The drive from Adelaide to Melbourne

Have you seen the size of Australia? It’s freaking huge. I sometimes forget how damn big this country is. Like, when my lovely boyfriend asked if I’d accompany him, driving from Melbourne to Adelaide and back, to pick up a fermenter found on Gumtree. Now that’s a proper beer nerd for you.

After much hesitation, I rolled my eyes, huffed and agreed to join him. Not before quickly Googling how long it would take – 8 hours, great.

The thing is, I’ve never been to Adelaide before. Despite it’s close proximity (believe it or not, an 8-hour drive is actually a close capital). But we didn’t really end up seeing much of Adelaide. We arrived, we ate eggplant parmas, we drank beer, we slept in a crappy motel, we ate breakfast at a surprisingly good cafe, and then we left. That was it.

Driving from Adelaide to Melbourne
Driving from Adelaide to Melbourne
Driving from Adelaide to Melbourne

1. There’s the boring route, and then there’s the interesting route

We took the boring route, because it takes half the time. The boring route takes you inland, through small country towns, flat farm land, and a giant koala that looks like it would torture you if it ever came alive.

 Horsham's Giant Koala

Horsham's Giant Koala

Then there’s the interesting route that takes 12 hours non-stop, along the Victorian coastline. But this is the kind of route you take your time doing, giving yourself at least a week to make the most of this glorious part of Victoria.

2. Pack a picnic and loads of snacks

It's a long, long drive ahead, with not much to look at, so pack a picnic and plenty of snacks for the trip ahead. We like to pack a thermos of hot water so we can also stop off for a cup of tea and biscuits. There's also not a whole lot to eat once you've reached the really rural towns, so it's always good to be prepared. 

3. Bring plenty of music, ready for offline streaming

The thing about rural Australia is, you're going to be in and out of reception, a lot. So make sure your music is available offline. And if you're using your phone to play music, make sure you have a way to charge your phone when you get low. Or else your phone will likely die, and you'll be left with no map.

Driving from Adelaide to Melbourne

4. Fill up on petrol before your tank is empty

The thing about driving around a huge country like Australia, is there’s not a lot in between towns. Sometimes you can find yourself miles between service stations with little to no juice left. Be sure to fill up on petrol (or gas, whatever you call it) when you see a service station – you never know where the next one will be.

5. You're not allowed to take fruit across the border

You’re actually not allowed to bring fruit from Victoria across the South Australian and New South Wales border. You’ll see big signs that ask you to throw your fruit out into the quarantine bins when entering South Australia. They weirdly make you feel nervous, like going through the metal detectors at the airport, you know you're innocent, but what if you forgot something. So make sure your car's not full of fruit that you’ll have to throw away.


Have you watched my video from our little roadtrip yet?

Take a look below. There wasn't much to do on the road, but I managed to make a fun little video of the adventure.


Tell me, where in the world do you come from? What's it like driving around your country? And if you got those Simpsons references, pop something Simpsons related in the comments below – you know you want to!