Fake it till you make it


I'll be the first to admit I've been stuck in a rut for the last few months.

I was treating my freelancing as something to pay the bills, but I've created this life for myself, so I may as well make the most of it!

I came to the realisation a few weeks back that there's only so far you can grow as a freelancer. I was beginning to hit my head on the roof like Alice in Wonderland, something had to change. The moment I realised that, I decided to start my own creative agency. It had always been something on my mind, but it's a rather terrifying step to make so I never really thought much of it. Until now that is.

So! Without further adieu, let me introduce to you Fellow – a creative marketing and communications agency. It's not much at the moment, and I've still got a lot of work to do to the website but please take a look and give me your feedback in the comments below! Also, don't forget to follow Fellow on Instagram and Pinterest!

The more I think about it the more excited I am. It's time to step it up, wear those big girl shoes and become a real professional. Not without indulging in the luxuries of freelance life though – working from bed in pyjamas anyone?

So, what advice would I give those of you who are considering starting their own business? Just do it! I've found life goes a little something like this – fake it till you make it. If you just put yourself out there, and work hard, everything will fall into place! Set yourself up to succeed, and you will.

Once the website and design is complete, I'm going to be more consistent with posting on The Workshop Co. I do apologise for my silence lately. But I'm not going anywhere!